disclaimer: The text generated is random, based on templates and lists. Some will be silly, some might even be offensive (not intentionally, just unanticipated word combinations). Sometimes there are gender-specific terms. Please, use your own judgement and filter or change as necessary for your purposes. Use whatever inspires you!

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Random Titles (x 500)

Jeremy Looks at the Timid Cat

The Funky, Wonderful Dolphin

Suzanne Goes to the Scary Beach

The Happy Werewolf is on the Bus

The Unicorn Makes Me Scream

The Legend of Seagull Woods

Who Needs a Plane?

The Mad Seal Makes History

The Giraffe Wears Trousers

I Found the Coat

Willie Makes Contact

Jo is an Elf

My Yak is a Busker

My Kitten is Missing

Leon is Under the Bridge

The Angry Room

It's Time to Yodel

Grandma is at the Football Stadium

The Model and the Timid Vampire

The Orange Cave

The Black Dolphin has My Car

Truths are White

Veronica the Private Detective Makes Each Day Count

Time to Make Medicine

The Scout and the Puppy

The Zombie of the Waterfall

I Love Brown Pajamas

My Kangaroo Likes to Disappear

My Big Suit

A Lamb in the Cafe

My Dad is a Professor

Irma is Mysterious

Katie has Gone Away

The Shaman in the Observatory

Fred Makes Me Happy

The Frog Wears a Green Mask

Holly Loves to Juggle

Leo the Funky Bandit

Old Don

My Idiotic Fly has Emerged

Katniss Everdeen Makes Me Cold

The Hungry Jockey has Delivered

Why is Marian Good?

My Mum is Always Burping

Jennie Needs the White Beetle

In the Hospital of the Wonderful Vampire

The Moose Wears Green Socks

Who Needs a Rocket?

The Scary Goddess

Danny's Red Raincoat

Peggy Lives with the Gigantic Penguin

Take off Your Hat

Horse Desert

The Blue Dragon

There's a Werewolf in the Waiting Room

In the Fridge of the Elf

I Like Timid Jeans

The Summer of Despair

I Want That Tiny Dog

Time to Make a Difference

The Stripey Swamp

The Cobbler and the Tortoise

Thoughts are White

The Valley of Sorrow

Charles the Yak Herder Makes Bubbles

A Week Without Darrell

The Pink Kangaroo

The Florist and the Alien

The Red Bee Makes It Work

The Vampire of Liberty

Bryan Makes Me Feel Bad

The Security Guard Makes out

There's a Chipmunk in the Skateboard Park

My Gigantic Dinosaur

Misty is in the Waiting Room

My Mum is a Senator

Kelly is Happy

The Puppy has Gone Away

Outside the Window of the Red Hobgoblin

The Fashion Designer in the Pantry

I Found the Purple Dress

Gary Makes Sense

My Pony Needs to Skate

Grandma is in the Deli

Why is Charlene Mysterious?

Aaron and the Composer

Magical Arthur

The Ghost Makes Me Sing

Success is Angry

The Raccoon Wears Earrings

Edwin's Special Shirt

My Mum is a Shapeshifter

My Pink Hippopotamus has Grown

Kristen Likes to Die

It's Time to Bake a Cake

Evelyn Needs Mary

Crystal has Run Away

Power is in the Temple

In the Office Where Angel Hides

The Scary Crocodile

Who Wants a Skateboard?

I Can Make History

Roger and the Dwarf

The River of Love

The Goat Took My Bike

I Need Yellow Shoes

The Puppy Wears a Grey Skirt

My Turtle is a Shepherd

My Grandma is Always Calling

The Actor and the Blue Lion

The Goofy Tiger Makes the World Better

The Silly, Little Crab

Snake Mountain

Katherine Loves the Penguin

The Personal Trainer at the Butcher

The Autumn of Pleasures

My Good Hat

The New Fairy is on the Corner

There's a Kitten in the Supermarket

Wonders are White

My Grandpa is a Beekeeper

Joann is a Cyclops

The Bartender and the Sphinx

My Silly Zebra has Run Away

Where the Angry Things Live

The Pixie of the Island

I Hate That Special Rocket

Edith has Escaped

My Mum is a Satyr

My Mum Makes Me Spin

The Weaver has Evolved

Why Diane is Tiny

Deceit is Blue

I Found a Cap

The Extraterrestrial Makes Me Sing

Take off Your Sweater

Gregory Needs to Cook Dinner

Randy the Historian

At the Aquarium of the Grey Elf

My Mum is Always Drinking

I Hate Gigantic Boots

The Volcano of Awe

A Month Without Jessie

A Hippopotamus in the Attic

In the Basement of the Pixie

The River of Riches

The Silly Skateboard

Why is Bob Old?

The Undertaker and the Purple Dolphin

The Wonderful Swamp

Your Yellow Pony Ate My Plane

Dad is at the Mall

At the Train Station Where Linda Sits

Let's Make Joy

The Bunny is in the Cathedral

My Shark has Arrived

Carrie's Month with an Ukulele

Amber Chases the Orange Elephant

Godzilla Makes Me Scream

It's Time to Play Poker

The Rat Makes a Pillow Fort

The Fall of Infatuations

The Little, Brown Duck

Wilma is in the Cafe

Vincent Makes Me Sad

Who Needs a Guitar?

Leo Lives with the Mad Puppy

Funky Shannon

Take off Your Gigantic Hat

The Servant and the Big Warlock

There's a Bunny at the Football Stadium

My Grandpa is Always Planking

My Goose Can Swim

My Kitten is a Chimney-sweep

Lee is Happy

Gregory's Jumper

Glenda Can Travel Through Time

Brent and the Pretty Coroner

The Fly Wears a Wonderful Sweater

My Mum is a Lifeguard

The Spider is Always Screaming

The Lucky Ukulele

Rafael Makes History

The Lizard Wears Red Swimmers

Glenn Goes to the Funny River

Frog Cave

The Pink Volcano

The Shaman Makes Amends

I Like Grey Slippers

Why is Mary-Beth Crazy?

The Gigantic Magician has Delivered

The Brown Fly Makes Up a Story

The Forest of Beauty

Luxuries are Big

A Year Without Brandy

My Happy Jumper

It's Time to Build a House

I Found My Old Bike

At the Football Stadium of the Sprite

The Thief is Choosing

Ella's Year with an Ukulele

Time to Make a Pillow Fort

The Green Elf

I Love My Angry Jacket

The Interpreter and the Purple Chimpanzee

Special Tina

Peter Pan Makes Me Feel Lonely

Bill the Taxi-driver Makes Money

Mike is Up the Chimney

There's a Gnome Under the Bridge

Fernando the Mysterious Detective

Raymond Wants Cory

My Orange Chicken has Returned

The God

The Fall of Mysteries

Your Cheetah Likes My Chair

The New, Little Monkey

The Beaver Makes a Cake

In the Deli Where Douglas Waits

There's a Fish in the Prison

My Dad is Always Leaving

Gwendolyn Loves the Spotted Bird

My Zebra Needs to Ski

Chester Likes to Sing

Bartholomew Makes Me Thirsty

Why Nina is Goofy

The Eagle Wears an Apron

Why is Melinda Tiny?

Jo Goes to the Special Cave

My Snail is Waiting

The Green Raincoat

Sheep Peak

Eddie and the Pegasus

Lauren is a Mutant

I Need Yellow Underpants

Dustin Calls the Easter Bunny

Take off Your Slacks

The Pilot Makes a Wish

Lydia Makes Each Day Count

My Gigantic Room

The Shapeshifter Makes Me Happy

Time to Make It Through

The Bartender and the Crazy Seal

Bernard has Delivered

I Found My Stripey Rocket

Ruben's Month with a Skateboard

It's Time to Play Chess

Jenny is at the Aquarium

I Like a Grey Skirt

My Giraffe is Always Listening

Old Francis

There's a Lion in the Temple

The Deer Wears Pink Pajamas

Duane Needs the Black Alligator

The Elephant has Returned

The Special Nanny has Evolved

The Spotted Wolf Makes Babies

The Wicked Creek

The Winter of Infatuations

The Squirrel Makes a Robot

My Grandpa Makes Me Tell the Truth

Who Wants a Rocket?

Dad is in the Cathedral

In the Cafe of the Silly Unicorn

The Student and the Wizard

Renee Makes Me Laugh

I Want Black Swimmers

Ronnie the Butcher

Jim-Bob Loves the Wicked Pony

Where the Wonderful Things Play

My Mum is a Ventriloquist

Crow Volcano

Dana Wants to Ski

Tony the Tailor Makes Friends

The Spring of Laughter

Alexander's Skateboard

The Angry, Blue Kitten

Take off Your Stripey Jacket

Wallace Hates Troy

Your Bear Stole My Room

Let's Make an Effort

The Beautician at the Football Stadium

The Orange Zombie

A Panda in the Aquarium

Kimberly is Crazy

My Green Fish has Shrunk

Anthony is in the Library

Becky has Gone Away

The Black Jeans

It's Time to Fly a Plane

I Need My Best Deer

My Grandma is a Goddess

Why is Bob Magical?

My Bear is Searching

My Mum is Always Whispering

Eddie Makes a Show

The Nurse and the Wolf

The Sea of Uncertainties

The Kitten Wears Purple Slacks

The Lizard Wears a Creepy T-shirt

Who Wants a Bed?

Sorrow is in the Lighthouse

In the Cathedral of Misfortune

My Timid Moose

Happiness is Funny

The Ambassador and the Goddess

The Red Horse Makes Bubbles

Kent's Room

Dog Forest

The Zombie Makes Me Jealous

There's a Sphinx on the Bus

The Snake Makes an Impression

The Goofy Hunter has Escaped

The Octopus is at the Butcher

Behind the Bikeshed of the Loch Ness Monster

The Manicurist is Waiting

My Deer Wants to See the Future

My Grandma is a Lifeguard

The Woods of Peace

Tiffany and the Fairy

In the Mirror of the Mermaid

I Need Green Pajamas

My Mum Makes Me Exercise

I Want an Old Pony

Clyde is Around the Corner

Jeffery Wants to Breathe Underwater

Josephine Chases the Ugly Ghost

Why is Calvin Happy?

The Pig is Praying

The Servant Makes a List

I Found My White Boat

Catherine's Month with an Ukulele

Take off Your Spotted Jacket

Creepy Patsy

My Chicken has Escaped

In the Museum of Sadness

The Mad, Mysterious Tiger

Jorge is a Bogeyman

Behind the Wall Where Roberto Hides

Daniel has Spoken

The Yellow Mountain

The Unicorn of the Woods

My Mum is a Griffin

My Red Cat has Grown

Kristen the Scary Senator

The Spy and the Duck

The Bunny Wears a Stripey Coat

Where the Happy Things Dance

Jimmy the Herald Makes Believe

At the Travel Agent of the Wicked Troll

It's Time to Do Magic

The Swamp of Anxiety

The Rabbit Wears Creepy Boots

The Doctor is Screaming

The Puppy Makes Popcorn

My Owl is Always Choosing

Ramona Needs Bonnie

Infatuations are Purple

Evil is Wonderful

Let's Make a Kite

The Orange Unicorn

The Veterinarian in the Bomb-shelter

I Need Mysterious Slacks

Take off Your Tiny Shoes

There's a Crazy Goblin Outside the Window

I Found Your Grey Bear

I Hate This White Teddy Bear

Alma is Silly

Godzilla Makes Me Cry

Cindy is in the Deli

The Dragon is in the Supermarket

The Happy Meteorologist has Fallen

The Tiger is a Comedian

Wonderful Judith

The Gigantic Submarine

Your Pink Dolphin has My Ball

The Tiny Juggler Makes a Cake

Gabriel the Stunt Double Makes a Robot

The Stripey Mountain

Brandine's Week Without a Chair

An Old Bird in Brazil

Tracey the Funky Writer

My Happy Jacket

Wombat River

My Zebra Can Dance

The Alligator is Whispering Again

The Gigantic, Mysterious Donkey

Tyler Wants to Build a House

In the Basement of Love

The Elf of Grief

Olga Makes It Better

Norman and the Valkyrie

The Zombie Makes Me Angry

The Executioner in the Shop

Take off Your Special Pants

My Stripey Pony has Delivered

The Octopus Wears a Wicked Necklace

In the Museum of the Nymph

Juanita has Run Away

At the Travel Agent Where Kelly Waits

Stephanie Goes to the Gully

Grandpa is in the Bushes

The Chemist and the Hungry Fish

My Big Cheetah has Arrived

The Camel Makes Medicine

I Found a Lucky Guitar

My Dad is a Candlemaker

Mattie is at the Bakery

Time to Make Love

My Moose is a Composer

In the Hair Salon of the Wicked Witch

Where the Magical Things Hide

Mathew Makes Me Exercise

The Sheep and the Purple Lobster

Kurt is Old

I Need Black Underpants

A Month Without Suzanne

My Grandma Makes Me Glow

Why is Samantha Pretty?

The Bird Wears Scary Jeans

Anna is a Pegasus

I Hate My Pink Umbrella

Rose and the Timid Blacksmith

Alan Needs the Hungry Chimpanzee

The Hobgoblin of the River

Helen Makes It Work

My Grandpa is Always Losing

It's Time to Read Minds

The Yellow Lobster

Mitchell Wants to Do Magic

My Dad is a Giant

Fly Stream

Who Wants a Guitar?

The Green Warlock

The Fish is in the Cafe

Miguel Chooses Bruce

Timid Alicia

The Winter of Luck

Tommy has Come Back

Behind the Wall of Loss

The Brown Creek

My Funky Coat

Take off Your Wonderful Hat

My Spotted Whale has Gone Away

The Lucky Plumber has Run Away

Maurice and the Nymph

Danny Uses Wonder Woman

Why is Jesus Ugly?

I Can Make Popcorn

Why Mae is Mysterious

Claude's Belt

The Cartoonist is Shrinking

There's an Otter in the Supermarket

The Brown Eagle and the Red Squirrel

Fred Goes to the Lake

The Old Court Jester Makes a Pie

I Found My Wonderful Dinosaur

Marlene Teaches the Purple Sasquatch

The Gate-keeper and the Lobster

At the Gate of the Creepy Sphinx

The Deer Wears a Scarf

Anita is a Werewolf

The Kitten Wears Boots

Christy Makes Lemonade

Lance the Nurse

The Paramedic and the Alien

My Grandpa is a DJ

Ruben Wants to Play Poker

Batman Makes Me Lie

The Legend of Frog Creek

At School of the Elf

Mystery is Pink

The Magical Skateboard

My Tiger Needs to Fly

The Summer of Sadness

New Marcus

In the Backyard of Satisfaction

Why is Maureen Funny?

The Bay of Happiness

The Duck is Always Cycling

The Wonderful Monkey Makes It Fun

The Lucky Police Officer has Delivered

Take off Your Spotted Underpants

In the Waiting Room Where Sara Sits

My Wombat is a Cartoonist

My Big Skateboard

Roland's Year with a Boat

I Need Blue Swimmers

The Bird and the Turtle

Mattie Makes Me Thirsty

The Timid Dragon

Brandy's Pretty Beetle

I Can Make Music

Christina Carries Tonya

The Mysterious, Green Fish

The Baker is Crawling Again

Grandpa is in the Bath

My Dad is a Unicorn

Ideas are Funky

A Rabbit in the Skateboard Park

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