disclaimer: The text generated is random, based on templates and lists. Some will be silly, some might even be offensive (not intentionally, just unanticipated word combinations). Sometimes there are gender-specific terms. Please, use your own judgement and filter or change as necessary for your purposes. Use whatever inspires you!

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Random Titles (x 500)

The Purple Unicorn

My Grandpa is Always Planking

My Mum is a Leprechaun

My Bird Wants to Swim

Knowledge is Brown

The Torturer and the Grey Duck

The Lucky Planet

Cecil has Agreed

Silly Bobbie-Sue

Pedro Helps the Pretty Snail

It's Time to Boogie

At the Concert Where Marion Waits

Take off Your Hat

Suzanne Makes Magic

Why is Alfred Wonderful?

My Alligator is a Detective

The Funky, Timid Lion

The Spring of Sorrows

My Grandpa is a Dogcatcher

Nina's Scary Cap

Giraffe Desert

There's a Goldfish in Beijing

The Security Guard is Calling

There's an Ogre in the Hospital

Sleep is at the Pub

A Month with Maureen

The Squirrel Wears a Wonderful Coat

The Trapper in the Park

The Ugly Fish is at the Concert

Jared and the Dwarf

I Need This Mysterious Chipmunk

The New Ball

Myrtle Needs to Win

I Found a Best Skateboard

In the Cathedral of the Little Ghost

Douglas's Month Without a Bike

Bryan the Sage

The Dolphin Wears Pretty Gloves

Allison is Lucky

Under the Bridge of the Brown Goblin

I Hate Hungry Earrings

Take off Your Orange Trousers

The Summer of Truth

My Creepy Apron

The Bird is Always Praying

My Dad is Always Swimming

Nathaniel is Behind the Bikeshed

The Funny Tortoise Stole My Sofa

My Spider Likes to Dance

Henry Wants the Black Unicorn

The Wicked Lumberjack Makes Medicine

Byron Goes to the Lucky River

Victory is Green

The Vampire Makes Me Afraid

Max has Gone

Carl's Spotted Pony

Veronica Needs the Magical Fairy

The White Ghost

Mystery is Under the Bridge

The Little Creek

The Brown Kangaroo has Emerged

Why is Eugene Creepy?

Old Leona

Heather Loves Darth Vader

I Can Make a Treehouse

The New Witch

Beverly Makes Contact

The River of Peace

Who Needs a Bed?

A Cat in the Aquarium

It's Time to Cook Dinner

I Love My Crazy Skateboard

I Need Yellow Slacks

The Giant of the Grey Swamp

Take off Your Spotted Scarf

My Dad is a Servant

The Turtle Wears a Coat

The Navigator is Whistling

Ramona is an Extraterrestrial

Jim-Bob and the Minotaur

The Summer of Worries

A Year with Hector

The Dolphin has Emerged

Stanley is in the Bath

In the Cafe of the Unicorn

Wonders are Creepy

Grandpa is in the Office

Mary-Beth and the Happy Sailor

My Chicken Needs to Travel Through Time

The Old, Wicked Fox

Otter Cave

Adventure is Stripey

Frank's Big House

Dawn Loves to Play Poker

My Mum is Always Calling

Why Claudia is Angry

Jackie has Grown

Let's Make Pizza

I Found the Magical Teddy Bear

The Moose Wears Happy Earrings

The Gorgon

Where the Lucky Things Hide

The Linguist and the Sasquatch

The Camel is in the Museum

Your Scary Dog Took My Plane

The New Sheep and the Timid Lemur

Ray's Day with a Spaceship

Corey Needs Lloyd

Why is Juanita Pretty?

At the Concert Where Jim Waits

A Lucky Chimpanzee in the Train Station

The Peak of Joy

My Funky Doll

The Swimmer Makes It Count

Big Seth

Pedro Makes Lemonade

Wanda Agrees with Catherine the Great

Joseph Makes Me Sweat

I Need That Red Shirt

The Goddess of Poverty

The Pink Hill

Who Needs a Room?

A Week with Jesus

My Dad is an Antique Dealer

The Swordsmith and the Zebra

My Mum Makes Me Shiver

Harry Goes to the Planet

Christy Needs to Ride a Bike

The Wicked Socks

Calvin is in the Park

Take off Your Underpants

The Legend of Spider Lake

Around the Corner of the Red Sasquatch

The Pig Wears a Pink Hat

At the Mall of the Magical Bogeyman

Troy and the Giant

The Goat Makes a Difference

The Winter of Loss

At the Zoo of Ego

The Puppy and the Yellow Panda

Grandma is in the Hole

The Fall of Dreams

Cleopatra Makes Me Dizzy

Thomas's Wicked Ukulele

The Scary Tiger is at the Wax Museum

The Squirrel Wears Funny Underpants

I Want New Swimmers

The Special, Lucky Bird

The Unicorn of the Swamp

Virginia the Barber Makes It Work

There's a Tiny Alien in the Deli

The Valley of Surprises

Your Frog Likes My Ball

My Red Chicken has Come Back

The Duck has Arrived

Julio Makes Laughter

I Found My Yellow Jumper

My Wonderful Submarine

Why is Audrey Lucky?

Sidney Likes the Special Cyclops

The Innkeeper and the Dolphin

The Hydra Makes Me Laugh

Kyle the Dentist

Let's Make a List

My Bee is Eating

The Puppy and the Kitten

In the Deli Where Emma Waits

Esther is in the Hospital

Take off Your Wicked Sweatshirt

My Grandpa is Always Falling

Adoration is in the Prison

The Fall of Ego

The Red Waterfall

Carrie Goes to the Pretty Swamp

The Black Zebra Makes It Up

The Legend of Fox River

Sergio Wants to Jump Rope

A Month with Nellie

The Hungry Dentist has Delivered

The Purple Rabbit and the Blue Kitten

Anger is Special

Where the Good Things Go

I Want Big Socks

The Dolphin Wears Green Stockings

My Panda is a Monk

I Need This Pink Skateboard

The Best, Spotted Fox

A Crow in the Bikeshed

The Actor in the Cafe

The Kangaroo Wears a Scarf

My Grandpa is a Ghost

Mum is on the Window Sill

The New Electrician Makes It Worse

The Violinist and the Sprite

Duane's Ugly Jacket

The Beach of Dreams

My Alligator is Always Standing

It's Time to Play Tennis

Silly Brittany

Ricky is Dating Larry

The Red Bird

There's a Horse in the Hair Salon

Veronica and the Wicked Barber

The Magical Giraffe Makes Each Day Count

Kimberly Makes Me Hungry

Gail Makes Sandwiches

The Deputy and the Idiotic Eagle

I Can Make out

The Cartoonist is Planking

Kathy's Month Without a Teddy Bear

The Sea Monster of Relief

The Pegasus of the Purple River

Fernando is a Unicorn

Daryl Goes to the Funky Swamp

Why is Luis Pretty?

My Sheep Needs to Make Me Laugh

Francis Loves to Dance

On the Bus of the Funny Giant

Jennie Needs the Big Troll

My Cow has Delivered

Marshall is at the Zoo

In the Food Court Where Kim Sits

The Orange Peak

The Gigantic, Black Seal

The Fox is Falling Again

The Cab Driver in the Bomb-shelter

The Pony Wears a Lucky Cape

Who Wants an Ukulele?

My Grandpa is a Translator

The Crazy Goddess

My Dad Makes Me Run

In the Supermarket of Imagination

My Good Jeans

Louis's Pants

The Winter of Refreshment

Adam has Agreed

The Pink Imp

The Plumber and the Happy Cat

Santa Claus Makes Me Tired

Kelly and the Mermaid

There's a Magical Shapeshifter in the Theatre

Lena Makes Contact

The Entrepreneur and the Hydra

My Grandpa is Always Cycling

My Grandma is a Fairy

A Week with Harry

The Gigantic Horse Makes a Robot

It's Time to See the Future

Terry the New Impersonator

Chris Makes Me Sad

The Scary Boat

Where the Timid Things Dance

Mum is at the Bus Stop

Why is Aaron Mad?

Marlene Loves to Jump Rope

The Goldfish Wears Stockings

There's an Elephant in Cairo

The Hungry Senator Makes Finger Puppets

The Dragon Makes Me Laugh

My Raccoon Likes to Sing

I Hate Brown Gloves

The Beach of Angst

Dolphin Forest

Old Florence

Let's Make Popcorn

The Warlock of the Grey Stream

The Cat Wears a Red Shirt

The Troll

Who Needs a Chair?

Emily is at the Pub

I Want This Silly Spaceship

Henry Goes to the Pond

Crime is Yellow

Jeremy Uses the Fish

I Found My Purple Panda

The Happy Yak has Delivered

The Cartoonist is Sharing

The Mysterious Gully

My Lucky Guitar

Irene's Week with a Submarine

The Winter of Luxuries

My Bird is a DJ

Tom is Wonderful

Franklin the Merchant

My Mum is Always Leaving

Peter the Undertaker Makes out

Charlene has Gone Away

The Tiny Bike

Take off Your Black Sweatshirt

Jennifer Helps Frances

The Principal and the Monkey

The Fall of Trust

The Dog and the Kitten

There's a Fox in the Casino

My Grandma is a Private Detective

The Taxidermist and the Phoenix

The Duck Wears Gigantic Underpants

The Goofy Owl Makes Babies

Time to Make a Deal

Elsie's Orange Sweater

Vernon Can Ski

The Funky, Magical Lion

Whale Valley

The Receptionist Makes a Mess

I Need Pretty Shoes

My Mad Plane

Laura-May Makes Me Succeed

I Want My Creepy Chair

Why is Jamie Angry?

My Good Tortoise has Responded

A Month Without Charles

The River of Relaxation

There's a Little Shapeshifter on the Porch

The Construction Worker at the Football Stadium

Special Oscar

Samuel Goes to the Pond

My Grandma Makes Me Scream

The Purple Cave

The Dolphin is in the Park

The Stripey Gremlin

Mary-Lou and the Funny Candlemaker

Where the Happy Things Go

Renee the Chimney-sweep Makes a Movie

Jorge is in the Backyard

The Park Ranger and the Pony

Mum is in the Attic

Duane and the Sasquatch

Take off Your Special Boots

Philip is a Giant

Peter has Grown

I Found Your Ugly Chair

The Elf Makes Me Dance

The Fall of Refreshments

The Brown Dress

Brenda is Magical

My Donkey is Always Driving

Seal Hill

There's a Wicked Tortoise in the Bathroom

Laughter is in the Deli

Ellen Makes Peace

The Elephant Wears a Jumper

Clyde Agrees with the Pink Chicken

The Wonderful, Purple Dinosaur

Bartholomew's Hippopotamus

My Goldfish is Believing

My Happy Hat

Ross is Dating Kent

The Mysterious Pond

The Stripey Deer Makes a Yurt

It's Time to Do Magic

The Kangaroo Wears Brown Socks

Pleasures are Funky

I Want That Grey Goose

At the Aquarium Where Jill Sits

Teresa's Day Without a Spaceship

I Need Purple Boots

The Crook Makes the World Better

The Spotted Bird Stole My Ukulele

Hera Makes Me Laugh

The Innkeeper and the Gnome

My Grandma is a Lawyer

Darren and the Funny Teacher

The Stripey Boat

Gwendolyn is a Mermaid

The Fall of Beauty

At the Casino of the Black Goblin

Time to Make It Worse

The Desert of Sorrows

In the Office of the Tiny Sphinx

The Griffin

The Pink Shark and the Seal

The Summer of Thrills

The Island of Redemption

Kelly and the Minotaur

The Barber has Come Back

My Dad is a Cyclops

My Cat is Always Painting

Thought is Under the Mountain

Why is Pearl Angry?

Marion's Happy Boots

Ella Likes to Yodel

I Found the Grey Chair

There's a Duck in the Travel Agent

There's a Dragon at the Mall

Miriam is at the Bakery

My Mum is Always Believing

Faith is Black

My Dad Makes Me Glow

The Pony Makes a Show

My Pretty Dolphin

My Dad is a Painter

The Crazy Sea

The Idiotic Frog has Returned

Good June

My Bird Loves to Bake a Cake

The Wonderful Plumber Makes a Home

The Blue Fox Makes Friends

Bruce Wants the Giant

The Witch of Time

Why Brian is Silly

Dad is in the Attic

The Chicken Wears a Best Sweater

The Sleuth and the Dwarf

Randy has Changed

The Tiny Hobgoblin

The Beach of Thought

I Can Make It Right

The Botanist and the Horse

Jill Makes Me Succeed

The New Mermaid is on the Shelf

The Grey Frog has Arrived

It's Time to Make Me Laugh

Who Wants a Kite?

The Seal Wears Trousers

Bessie and the Phoenix

My Sheep is a Nanny

The Spring of Failure

The Orange Chimpanzee

The Legend of Chicken Valley

Jason's White Porcupine

I Hate Purple Overalls

I Need My Wicked Lamb

The Fall of Misfortunes

The Frog Makes Finger Puppets

My Grandpa Makes Me Want to Shout

My Mum is an Elf

Stella the Happy Violinist

My Grandpa is Always Walking

The Timid, Black Panda

At the Bakery Where Stacey Waits

The Idiotic Dolphin and the Snake

Why Judith is Creepy

The Beekeeper in the Kitchen

Gerald Can Cook Dinner

My Magical Porcupine

Infatuation is Wonderful

The Griffin of Refreshment

The Weaver Makes Medicine

In the Shop of Friendship

The Tiny Playwright has Grown

There's a Wolf Under the Bed

Your Scary Fox Likes My Spaceship

Special Penny

Kristina Makes Promises

The Hamster is Always Calling

Time to Make a Difference

My Grandma is a Swimming Coach

It's Time to Die

Loki Makes Me Feel Good

Helen Makes Me Nervous

The Mad Puppy has Shrunk

I Found a Hat

The Ugly Goose

The Goblin

Why is Lucille Magical?

The Artist is Travelling

There's a Bee in America

The Cave of Amazement

Gladys is in the Bell-tower

The Pretty Whale is Under the Bed

The Seagull Wears a Black Dress

The Lucky, New Chipmunk

The Troll of the Forest

The Dinosaur Makes Muffins

The Brown Beach

In the Cafe of the Stripey Minotaur

My Grandma is Always Burping

The Dragon Makes Me Wet

I Want My Crazy Chicken

Bobbie the Wonderful Interpreter

Nathan and the Satyr

The White Alligator and the Yellow Frog

Henry's Green Suit

Pamela has Returned

Mum is in the Bushes

My Lizard is a Spy

My Yak Wants to Do Magic

Take off Your Idiotic Cap

I Love Purple Shoes

The Hypnotist in the Bomb-shelter

The Puppy Wears Happy Boots

Maurice Goes to the Lake

The Butcher and the Pink Hippopotamus

My Scary Dog

The Fall of Hurts

Linda the Gate-keeper Makes Laughter

The Waterfall of Hopes

Kent is in the Hospital

The Yellow Sphinx

The Wicked Camel

The Fashion Designer is Searching

The Spring of Knowledge

My Grandma is a Surgeon

A Year Without Tracy

The Beach of Patriotism

The Pony and the Green Fish

My Spotted Lemur has Come Back

It's Time to Ride a Bike

Why is Allan New?

Gigantic Everett

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