disclaimer: The text generated is random, based on templates and lists. Some will be silly, some might even be offensive (not intentionally, just unanticipated word combinations). Sometimes there are gender-specific terms. Please, use your own judgement and filter or change as necessary for your purposes. Use whatever inspires you!

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Random Titles (x 500)

I Hate Pink Swimmers

The Athlete is Planking

Who Needs a Room?

Old Ramon

A Giraffe in the Bakery

It's Time to Fly

A Month with Lloyd

Christina is Timid

The Drug Dealer and the Pony

The Juggler and the Warlock

The Cheetah Wears a Raincoat

The Happy, Blue Wolf

The Zebra Wears Stripey Gloves

The Autumn of Comfort

Constance Teaches the Wicked Witch

Why is Herman Best?

My New Chair

I Found Your Yellow Suit

Robin the Chief of Police Makes Music

The Mermaid Makes Me Sing

Fox Mountain

My Pig Can Disappear

The Spotted Seal Makes a Cake

The Dragon is Behind the Bikeshed

Vicki has Come Back

Where the Tiny Things Live

Emma is in the Hospital

My Mum is a Werewolf

There's a God at the Bus Stop

Carl and the Shapeshifter

The Yellow Bed

The Seagull and the Frog

Patriotism is Orange

The Shark is a Teacher

Claire Makes a Contribution

The Mountain of Heartache

Jay's Week with a Ball

Take off Your Underpants

Joys are Idiotic

The Brown Desert

Angel's Stripey Boat

Terry Needs to Play Chess

The Pilot has Flown Away

It's Time to Do Magic

The Sage and the Old Elf

The Crow Wears Green Socks

Lisa is Timid

In the Supermarket Where Isaac Hides

Your Pink Bird Likes My Umbrella

Pretty Chad

My Grandpa is an Author

Sara Runs Away with Nancy

The Fall of Liberty

I Can Make Better Choices

The Funky, Silly Dolphin

The Unicorn Makes Me Itchy

I Need My Little Deer

Franklin the Physicist Makes Up

The Dog is Always Waiting

Joanne Hates Godzilla

My Grandma is Always Leaving

The Orange Donkey and the Green Giraffe

The Sea Monster of the Black Desert Island

Shannon Likes the Phoenix

The Happy Kangaroo and the Koala

The Ugly Ant has Arrived

I Found My Idiotic Raincoat

Kirk is an Extraterrestrial

Seth has Emerged

Beverly the Wicked Botanist

Erica is in the Basement

The Winter of Victories

At the Pub of Freedom

The Physicist and the Best Monkey

The Yellow Ocean

The Sea of Friendship

Who Wants a Chair?

Nelson and the Hungry Mermaid

I Need Purple Gloves

Moose Beach

Peter Likes to Yodel

The Pretty Pegasus

Disbelief is Happy

Take off Your Socks

Sarah-Jane is Lucky

Virginia Makes Believe

The Sheriff is Sitting

The Volcano of Victories

The Sheep Wears a Suit

The Kitten and the Penguin

The Beekeeper at the Wax Museum

It's Time to Disappear

I Can Make Sense

Chester's Week with a Bike

The Gigantic, Grey Lamb

A Panda in the Football Stadium

Under the Bridge of the Little Pixie

Maxine is a Pegasus

Micheal has Returned

Funny Katie

In the Park of the Purple Extraterrestrial

Matthew Teaches Floyd

Life is at the Pub

The Lobster has Emerged

The Mysterious Trousers

The Happy Beaver Makes History

I Like That Yellow Owl

Alberto the Best Programmer

The Tortoise and the Wolf

Why is Martin Funny?

There's a Hungry Porcupine at the Butcher

Peter's Black Jeans

Brittany Chases the Wicked Fish

Who Wants an Ukulele?

I Like Pretty Shoes

The Editor and the Wonderful Minotaur

The Volcano of Courage

The Grey Goose Makes Finger Puppets

My Grandpa Makes Me Giggle

Theresa is in the Bushes

My Elephant is a Spy

In the Bomb-shelter of Reality

Ethel Loves to Read Minds

The Pig Wears Underpants

The Turtle is Always Crying

The Pony Wears a Jacket

Viola is Silly

The Mutant of Despair

The Good Island

The Grey Badger Stole My Kite

Fish Bay

Nancy the Fashion Designer Makes a Deal

The Sleuth and the White Ant

Take off Your Cap

The Pretty Gnome is in the Mirror

Adam Makes the World Better

Denise Goes to the Peak

I Found Your Jacket

My Grandma is Always Coming

The Unicorn Makes Me Worry

Lucky Allen

At the Mall Where Jane Waits

Time to Make Each Day Count

My Grandpa is an Impersonator

The Happy Goose Makes It Through

The Sea of Sorrows

My Grandma is a Minotaur

I Like a White Bike

The Red Mutant

A Puppy in Berlin

The Witch

Why is Aaron Gigantic?

Diana's Week Without a Chair

The Fall of Pleasures

The Wicked Ventriloquist has Come Back

I Hate Spotted Pants

The Mountain of Forgiveness

The Good Spaceship

The Giraffe is Whistling

The Fortune-teller and the Alien

Roberta is Down the Well

Mario and the Warlock

The Astronaut Makes Magic

There's a Lucky Minotaur in the Waiting Room

It's Time to Open Doors

Allan Can Sing

The Pony is Always Losing

Why Carl is Timid

I Found Your Big Chair

The Idiotic Lake

Moose Reef

The Illustrator and the Blue Squirrel

Who Needs a Car?

The Fox Wears Wicked Pants

Take off Your Slacks

Harry has Arrived

The Witch Makes Me Nervous

Where the Hungry Things Go

The Cow Wears a Dress

My New Sweater

The Funky, Stripey Goat

The Pixie

The Winter of Rumours

At the Pub Where Yolanda Hides

Pretty Sidney

Behind the Bikeshed of the Cyclops

A Cheetah in the Armory

The Duck is a Weaver

The Taxidermist is Screaming

Roger Goes to the Good Forest

Let's Make Believe

Sorrow is Happy

The Wonderful Hedgehog Makes the World Better

At the Aquarium of the Little Bogeyman

Maxine's Creepy Plane

I Want Brown Stockings

The Beach of Infatuations

Kay is Gigantic

Roger is in the Lighthouse

The Sailor in the Park

Jeffrey Wants Bigfoot

The Sea of Angst

The Pink Ghost

My Kitten Loves to Bake a Cake

The Winter of Romance

My Dog has Shrunk

In the Attic of the Red Ogre

Claude is a Sasquatch

The Special Lion and the Wolf

Ana Makes a Treehouse

I Found the Yellow Doll

The Taxi-driver and the Warlock

Timothy has Flown Away

Take off Your Pink Coat

The Carver has Escaped

Why is Julian Pretty?

The Bee Wears a Suit

Teresa Makes Me Shiver

The Happy Swamp

The Idiotic Pants

The Fairy is in the Food Court

Who Needs a Plane?

My Dad is a Pickpocket

The Kangaroo Wears Slacks

Lillie the Bonecarver Makes Changes

My Mum Makes Me Feel Good

I Want That Lucky Chicken

The Silly Manicurist Makes Believe

Rumours are White

Anne Hates Vivian

There's a Beetle Outside the Window

Funky Deanna

It's Time to Ski

Let's Make It Count

Grief is Behind the Curtains

I Like Special Stockings

Grandpa is in the Fridge

The Old Bee and the Blue Cheetah

Dolphin Desert Island

Clarity is Funny

Cecil is Magical

The Hungry Octopus has Responded

A Week Without Martha

A Tiny Chicken in the Control Room

On the Bus of Santa Claus

My Ant Wants to Breathe Underwater

The Spring of Refreshments

Lee the Lucky Innkeeper

Alma Sings to the Happy Whale

The Accountant is Burping

In the Office of the Green Leprechaun

Wanda is in the Theatre

Virginia Loves to Play Basketball

Catherine's Mysterious Raincoat

At the Door of Power

Nora Loves Loki

The Crab is in the Cathedral

My Creepy Cow

The Bear Wears Angry Slacks

Kay Makes Me Sad

The Rabbit is Sharing

Under the Mountain of the Demon

The Extraterrestrial

The Veterinarian and the Spider

In the Backyard Where Lucille Waits

I Found a Magical Skateboard

Ugly Adam

I Like That Stripey Belt

Your Alligator Stole My Room

My Grandpa is Always Driving

Chester Hates Clifford

Jay Wants the Grey Dolphin

Phyllis Makes a Stand

There's a Minotaur on the Shelf

The Elf of the Lake

I Can Make a Difference

The Pony Wears a Raincoat

Where the Old Things Dance

Mum is in the Food Court

Anxiety is Funny

I Want Red Slacks

My Pink Puppy has Escaped

A Lobster in the Library

The Beggar Makes an Effort

Why is Richard Idiotic?

The Dogcatcher has Grown

The Crazy Car

Rosemary is a Phoenix

My Dad is a Fraudster

Heartache is at the Bakery

My Mum Makes Me Happy

The White Swamp

Dwayne has Gone Away

Mary-Jo and the Little Senator

Take off Your Mad Shirt

I Found a Belt

The Desert Island of Evil

Claude Goes to the Wicked Forest

My Grandpa is a Goddess

Dennis Can Dance

A Year Without Jeanne

My Best Jacket

Why Mitchell is Mysterious

The Yellow Ghost

Up the Chimney of the Little Mermaid

My Grandma is Always Shining

Mad Kirk

The Wonderful Troll is in the Shop

Panda Beach

Let's Make Dessert

The Zebra and the Dolphin

Michelle Makes Joy

The Pony Wears Silly Gloves

My Scary Seagull has Changed

The Chicken and the Lamb

Down the Well of the Monster

The Sheriff in the Shower

Hazel Wants the Stripey Vampire

Behind the Curtains of the Best Dwarf

Kirk is in the Bomb-shelter

The Grey Swamp

Joan of Arc Makes Me Sweat

Sean's Wonderful Ball

The Squirrel Makes Room

I Like That Funny Bike

Why is Franklin Happy?

The Snake Wears a Scarf

Delores Makes Me Cry

My Grandpa Makes Me Laugh

My Donkey is a Taxidermist

The Purple Coat

My Tiger Needs to Do Magic

Bobbi-Jo Teaches Maureen

The Mermaid Makes Me Nervous

Beverly the Bank Robber

My Tiny Bird

Grandma is Under the Bridge

Redemption is in the Closet

Take off Your Pink Belt

Who Needs a House?

The Lucky, Stripey Cat

My Puppy is Shining

My Mum is a Waiter

Your Magical Bear Ate My Teddy Bear

The Brown Octopus Makes a Plan

A Year with Enrique

I Want Grey Gloves

The Idiotic Spider has Evolved

Wicked Franklin

The Teacher in the Closet

Leon Makes Love

Let's Make Lemonade

The Chef and the Cheetah

Tim and the Gnome

The Lumberjack has Arrived

There's an Old Extraterrestrial in the Attic

In the Museum of the Elf

The Spring of Evil

Chaos is Blue

Hopes are Black

Valerie Looks Like the Green Leprechaun

Joseph Teaches Catherine the Great

Patricia Makes Me Cry

The Impersonator and the Ghost

Beth's Orange Plane

The Bureaucrat Makes Believe

My Grandma is a Fairy

My Dad Makes Me Giggle

There's a Kitten in the Nuclear Power-plant

The Woods of Rumours

The Pony Wears a Blue Suit

Hugh has Grown

In the Backyard of the Easter Bunny

The Green Unicorn

I Found Your Special Plane

The Ugly Kangaroo Makes Music

The Silly Mountain

Bradley's Week with a Guitar

My Mum is Always Growling

My Wolf is Always Leaving

Why is Heather Hungry?

The Snake Wears Old Trousers

I Hate Good Underpants

The Wicked Ghost is in the Park

The New Room

Nathaniel Goes to the Timid Peak

The Silly, Orange Moose

A Day with Vincent

My Big Umbrella

Michael Teaches Earl

The Lion is a Banker

The Elephant and the Funny Cow

The Dressmaker is Drinking

Santa Claus Makes Me Angry

Adam is in the Basement

Cory is a Ghost

Bird Lake

Pretty Norman

Dan and the Funky Demon

The Bear has Arrived

Anna Makes a Plan

Outside the Window of the Yellow Leprechaun

I Like a Tiny Wombat

Let's Make Lunch

Disbelief is Pink

The Navigator Makes out

My White Alligator has Flown Away

The Spring of Curiosity

The Cook and the Duck

The Dwarf of the Blue Valley

At School of the Happy Monster

Grandma is in the Museum

Virginia's Tiny Spaceship

Take off Your Sweater

The Plumber and the Centaur

I Found Your Green Kangaroo

Why Hector is Ugly

Julian Makes Me Sad

The Bird Makes Medicine

The Tiger Wears Orange Pajamas

The Lake of Sadness

The Black Hill

Outside the Window of the Troll

There's a Giraffe in the Attic

My Dolphin Loves to Skate

My Grandpa is a Witch

My Dad Makes Me Feel Lonely

In the Museum of Delight

Jackie Goes to the Old Gully

There's a Dwarf in the Observatory

My Grandma is a Singer

Where the Scary Things Go

I Like My Tiny Swan

The Forest of Luxuries

Sarah Likes to Disappear

It's Time to Swim

The Satyr Makes Me Shiver

Idiotic Jonathan

Gene Helps the Loch Ness Monster

Maureen and the Printer

The Yellow Goldfish Makes It Easier

The Happy, Wicked Dolphin

Antonio the Sleuth Makes a Kite

Your Brown Fish Took My Teddy Bear

Tonya is Dating Connie

Charlene Makes a Plan

Happiness is in the Bath

Kenneth Makes Me Giggle

The Social Worker and the Hungry Zebra

The Kitten and the Happy Turtle

My Little Jacket

Seagull Forest

The Mad Frog is at the Travel Agent

Time to Make a Sound

The Chipmunk is Believing

In the Library of the Tiny Goblin

The White Demon

Madison's Year with a Car

The Purple Beach

My Grandma Makes Me Happy

My Grandpa is a Dentist

Take off Your Skirt

I Found Your Doll

The Black Kite

Who Needs a Teddy Bear?

The Dog is Always Searching

Why is Norman Mysterious?

A Year with Felicia

The Marine is Choosing

Judy's Silly Swan

The Rabbit Wears Boots

Dreams are Ugly

The Pretty, Lucky Fish

I Need This Pink Submarine

I Hate White Socks

Phyllis has Run Away

Philip and the Happy Bartender

Hercules Makes Me Glow

Danny Goes to the Lake

The Pickpocket Makes Music

The Magical Bee Makes a Difference

The Electrician and the Dragon

In the Nuclear Power-plant Where Jessica Hides

An Ugly Kitten in the Hospital

The Green Beaver and the White Lemur

The Swamp of Ego

At the Travel Agent of the Satyr

My Pony Likes to Sing

The Owl Wears a Wicked Skirt

Patricia Looks at the Brown Whale

It's Time to Juggle

The Dingo is Under the Bed

Ron Sings to Wonder Woman

Old Sonia

Kathy Makes Magic

The Funny Planet

Jaime is Timid

Hazel Can Ski

Arthur the Zookeeper Makes It Through

Mum is in the Office

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