disclaimer: The text generated is random, based on templates and lists. Some will be silly, some might even be offensive (not intentionally, just unanticipated word combinations). Sometimes there are gender-specific terms. Please, use your own judgement and filter or change as necessary for your purposes. Use whatever inspires you!

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Random Titles (x 500)

Thor Makes Me Want to Shout

The Shark and the Fish

My Badger is a Fishmonger

The Beautician and the Rat

The Little Tiger is Under the Bed

My Cow Needs to Ski

Sergio the Busker

Phyllis Goes to the Forest

I Need Stripey Underpants

Ugly Frances

It's Time to Play Basketball

In the Deli of Medusa

The Happy Pirate has Escaped

Grandma is Behind the Bikeshed

Kenneth's Day Without a Skateboard

The Spotted Panda

Constance and the Vampire

The Old Leprechaun

The Shark Wears a Pretty Skirt

I Like That White Tie

Time to Make a Contribution

Donald is in the Deli

I Found My Orange Rocket

William has Agreed

Samuel the Sage Makes Popcorn

The Dog Ate My Guitar

The Dogcatcher in the Office

Stacey Wants the Loch Ness Monster

Why is Brian Happy?

The Penguin Wears Brown Socks

The Little Beach

The Summer of Sorrows

The Wicked, Orange Chipmunk

My Lobster is Always Drinking

Debbie Makes It Better

The Fairy of the Pink Island

Why Stacey is Timid

Failure is Stripey

My Grandpa is Always Coming

My Grandma is an Alien

The Purple Zebra has Delivered

There's a Pretty Whale in the Hospital

My Creepy Spider

A Year Without Peggy

My Mum is a Pilot

Who Wants a Submarine?

The Chicken is Sitting

Where the Good Things Sing

The Reporter Makes Magic

In the Attic of the Crazy Giant

Ella Goes to the Angry Woods

Rumours are Tiny

It's Time to Die

Odin Makes Me Nervous

Brian Looks Like Brandon

The Black Chair

The Sailor Outside the Window

I Need Blue Boots

The Magical Student has Gone Away

Russell's Spotted Raincoat

Miguel is at the Mall

Lorraine the Ambassador Makes Bubbles

The Dragon is in the Garden

My Ant Can Kill

In the Chapel of Aladdin

Frederick the Lucky Scout

Casey Can Die

In the Basement of the Satyr

Take off Your Shoes

Alfred Makes Me Jealous

Under the Bed of the Blue Unicorn

My Mum is Always Cycling

Grandpa is at the Concert

Time to Make Pizza

A Creepy Dinosaur in the Supermarket

Roland Likes Joan of Arc

The Fairy of the Mountain

Why is Oscar New?

The Guide is Calling

The Spring of Satisfaction

Tiny Christine

Ted is a Pegasus

The Pirate and the Cow

The Whale Wears Trousers

The Wicked, Pretty Deer

Theresa and the Goddess

I Found an Orange Fish

I Love This Good Hat

The Gnome of Victory

The Kangaroo Wears an Idiotic Skirt

The Funky Swamp

Alice Makes Dumplings

My Grandpa is a Student

The Old Gloves

There's an Alligator in the Lighthouse

Athena Makes Me Laugh

The Seagull and the Bunny

Marjorie is Big

My Lobster Wants to Transform

The Desert of Pain

Uncertainty is Tiny

The Butler and the Wizard

Douglas has Emerged

My Gigantic T-shirt

Louis Makes Me Happy

The Black Bee has Shrunk

The Hobgoblin

I Hate Brown Trousers

My Grandma Makes Me Hungry

Who Wants an Umbrella?

Jack Wants the Magical Bird

A Mysterious Horse in the Butcher

Grandpa is in the Cave

Terry's Tiny Boots

The Goose is Always Moving

I Can Make Music

Good Eduardo

At the Door Where Alicia Hides

Melinda Likes to Transform

The Soldier and the Seagull

A Week Without Maria

My Angry Fish has Risen

My Puppy is a Silversmith

Tonya is a Centaur

The Sea of Hopes

My Mum is a Wizard

The Burglar in the Attic

I Found Your Wicked Skirt

The Tooth Fairy Makes Me Worry

The Yellow Forest

The Crow Wears Happy Shoes

Why is Tommy Ugly?

There's a Warlock Under the Bridge

Morris's Day with a Bike

Shelly Makes a Kite

The Wonderful Barber has Evolved

Geraldine Hates Bobbie

The Old Porcupine Makes Finger Puppets

In the Temple of the Wicked Fairy

The Frog Wears a Scarf

The Spotted Chicken and the Cow

Keith Looks Like the Happy Goddess

Ashley is in the Library

I Need Little Pants

Loretta Makes Me Jump

The Orange Chimpanzee Makes It Easier

Why Russell is Wonderful

Ego is White

Where the Special Things Go

The Winter of Pains

My Old Kitten

It's Time to Play Chess

Outside the Window of the Yellow Nymph

My Tiger is Running

My Grandpa is Always Standing

Peggy's Funky Plane

Leon and the Wizard

My Zebra Likes to Dance

The Legend of Bunny Lake

My Grandma is a Detective

Take off Your Goofy Pajamas

Bruce the Waiter Makes a Wish

Danny is a Mermaid

A Month Without Claire

The Bear is a Sheriff

There's a Goldfish in the Mall

My Mum is a Phoenix

Merlin Makes Me Sad

Harvey has Disappeared

The Bird Wears Boots

The Turtle Wears a Yellow Jumper

Creepy Gary

The Pond of Infatuations

Sidney Makes a Cake

I Love That Little Belt

I Found the Pink T-shirt

The Old Swamp

The Red Moose has Arrived

The Cartoonist at the Pub

Misery is in the Lighthouse

The Magical, Purple Dingo

Johnnie is Dating the Funky Sprite

I Hate Orange Trousers

The Autumn of Worry

Why Bob is Good

The Summer of Riches

The Grey Unicorn

Where the Gigantic Things Hide

The Vampire Makes Me Tell the Truth

Mum is at the Butcher

Jim-Bob is at the Bus Stop

Amazement is Green

It's Time to Read Minds

Gloria Goes to the Forest

The Barista and the Wicked Beaver

Craig's Week Without a Doll

Why is Minnie Lucky?

The Legend of Chimpanzee Peak

Take off Your Scarf

There's a Giraffe in Beijing

Time to Make a Plan

The Horse Stole My Submarine

A Year with Jeremy

My Grandpa is Always Crawling

The Moose is Always Eating

Catwoman Makes Me Shiver

My Fish Can Make Me Laugh

My Mum is a Unicorn

The Yellow Beach

In the Mirror of the Purple Dwarf

The Scientist Makes Up a Story

My Porcupine is Searching Again

The Tiger Wears a Green Coat

Cecil is a Dragon

My Silly Wombat

Jenny has Flown Away

The Farmer in the Cafe

The Old Tortoise

Daryl Needs to Play Tennis

Wade Makes Love

My Dad is a Magistrate

Bobbi-Jo's Crazy House

My Grandma Makes Me Happy

The Wolf Wears Big Underpants

The Mysterious Seagull Makes Joy

It's Time to Learn

The Funny, Spotted Bird

Justin the Drummer Makes an Igloo

The Planet of Sleep

The Priest and the Lucky Minotaur

I Found a Jacket

Why Claude is Good

Wonderful Rita

At the Mall Where Larry Waits

Grandpa is Under the Mountain

The Teacher is Crawling

Grief is Angry

Jason Teaches the Funny Dragon

The Forest of Pleasures

I Hate My Old T-shirt

The Autumn of Uncertainties

The Crow and the Tiny Octopus

Who Needs a Rocket?

Take off Your Raincoat

Why is Terry Creepy?

A Week with Jim-Bob

A Magical Dolphin in the Hospital

The New Gladiator has Risen

The Jockey and the Brown Frog

The Legend of Dog Pond

My Ant is Always Drinking

I Can Make Trouble

Raul the Scary Crook

The Goblin is Under the Bridge

My Pink Bee has Responded

The Hungry Seal has My Plane

My Dad is Always Shrinking

The Fall of Amazement

My Lamb Wants to Play Basketball

Cecil Helps Bigfoot

The Orange God

Alvin Needs to Dance

Ida's Lucky Duck

The Zookeeper in the Temple

The Alligator is Driving

My Mum Makes Me Succeed

It's Time to Boogie

Fred is a Werewolf

Pretty Velma

The Giant

The Tiger Wears Jeans

Nathaniel Teaches Elmer

The Purple Giraffe

My Happy Gloves

The Tiny River

My Grandma is a Wizard

My Monkey has Escaped

The Goofy Meteorologist Makes a Stand

Julian has Flown Away

The Lamb Wears a Hat

I Found My Magical Hippopotamus

I Want Stripey Jeans

Who Needs a Spaceship?

The Chef is Climbing

My Mum is a Fashion Designer

I Need This Orange Jumper

The Volcano of Fear

The Forest of Fears

Kitten Woods

The Mad, Creepy Beaver

The Hungry Puppy Makes an Effort

There's a New Wizard in the Basement

The Park Ranger in the Hospital

Minnie and the Silly Hunter

The Autumn of Infatuations

Loki Makes Me Sing

Eva Can Kill

Gertrude and the Fairy

Donald Makes Lunch

Take off Your Purple Pants

The Game Show Host and the Squirrel

Darlene Calls the Chicken

Jesse is Good

Let's Make an Impression

The Alien of the Planet

The Red Zebra and the Tiger

Joshua's Funky Tortoise

My Grandma is a Unicorn

Wonderful Wesley

The Spy and the Giant

The Spotted Crocodile has Spoken

Rachel is a Mermaid

The Brown Spaceship

Donald Likes Clifton

Why is Ross Crazy?

Ian is in the Bath

My Dad is Always Whistling

My Funky Rabbit has Risen

My Chimpanzee Likes to Jump Rope

Dad is Behind the Tree

Crab Beach

I Need Black Jeans

The Gigantic Dingo and the Pink Tiger

There's a Giraffe in the Library

The Chicken is an Actor

The Ugly, Tiny Horse

The Whale Wears a Big Jacket

Who Wants a Kite?

It's Time to Ski

Glen has Flown Away

I Want This Grey Sofa

My Mum Makes Me Itchy

In the Food Court of Athena

At the Skateboard Park Where Thomas Hides

Mystery is Funky

The Wonderful Werewolf is over the Fence

The Pickpocket Makes a Decision

Jimmie's Creepy Ukulele

Jo Makes a Mess

Laura the Flight Attendant Makes a Pie

Becky Can Read Minds

The Tiny Fly Took My Bed

Juanita Needs the Hungry Yeti

My Gigantic Socks

The Gremlin Makes Me Feel Good

The Chimney-sweep has Disappeared

The Evangelist and the Chimpanzee

A Month Without Perry

Greg Likes Catherine the Great

The Ugly Crow Makes It Count

The Legend of Eagle Lake

My Dinosaur Needs to Fly a Plane

Julie and the Hobgoblin

The New Planet

Margaret's Week Without a Guitar

The Winter of Mercy

Take off Your Black Coat

Why Darryl is Creepy

Marvin is in the Backyard

The Bogeyman

My Yellow Zebra has Spoken

The Sea of Hope

Outside the Window of Batman

Wonderful Jim-Bob

My Dad is a Broker

The Autumn of Rumours

The Dog and the Shark

In the Nuclear Power-plant of the Wicked Leprechaun

Ernest Makes Me Happy

A Good Beaver in the Bakery

At the Butcher of Liberty

Why is Carol Little?

The Spider Wears an Orange Skirt

I Like a Stripey Guitar

The Fox Wears Pink Stockings

Who Needs a Skateboard?

My Grandma is Always Farting

Allan and the Ugly Weaver

Kenneth Makes Chilli

My Grandpa Makes Me Sweat

Tyler Wants to Boogie

Lorraine Goes to the Swamp

The Purple Goddess

The Wicked, New Alligator

Let's Make Laughter

The Orange Donkey Makes Lunch

Irene's Grey Scarf

The Assassin and the Black Octopus

The White Tie

It's Time to Climb

Take off Your Jacket

Infatuation is Red

I Like Stripey Boots

The Fairy of Victory

Wonders are Happy

Spider Beach

Julia is Goofy

My Tiny Zebra

There's a Hungry Monkey on the Corner

My Mum is a Troll

The Swan Makes a Kite

The Winter of Delight

The Matador is Travelling

The Chicken has My Bed

I Hate This Lucky Kitten

My Dad is a Teacher

My Seal Likes to Fly a Plane

Joel and the Unicorn

A Horse in the Laundry

Bigfoot Makes Me Nervous

The Kangaroo Wears Yellow Slippers

Terri has Flown Away

Patsy is in the Lighthouse

The Spring of Truths

Eddie Makes Me Feel Good

The Barber and the Satyr

Delores Teaches the Unicorn

The Snail Wears a Good Hat

Clarence Goes to the Beach

The Gnome

Let's Make Chilli

The Brown Elf

My Grandpa Makes Me Dance

The Magical Dress

Grandma is at the Skateboard Park

Up the Chimney of the Wizard

Rita Hates the Grey Bogeyman

The Wicked Pixie is on the Shelf

The Purple Sea

It's Time to Breathe Underwater

Johnnie's Black Duck

In the Observatory of Reality

Where the Happy Things are

The Panda has Grown

The Alligator Makes Room

Cat Woods

The Scary, Brown Lion

Take off Your Jumper

Why is Louise Wonderful?

Virgil the Psychiatrist Makes a Pact

My Grandpa is Always Eating

I Want This New Sweatshirt

The Silversmith and the Magical Chicken

I Hate Lucky Pajamas

Sarah Makes It Easier

Why Gerald is Mysterious

The Cat Wears a Dress

Shannon Likes to Transform

The Summer of Heartache

The Desert Island of Misfortunes

The Gladiator and the Unicorn

The Sniper Makes a Pie

Ana Makes Me Happy

In the Pantry of the Black Pegasus

Joshua the Courier

The Moose Wears Mad Swimmers

Ugly Shawn

My Dad is an Impersonator

I Found Your Best Scarf

The Timid Student has Shrunk

In the Closet Where Arlene Hides

The Pixie of the Red Peak

The Sea of Chaos

Who Needs an Umbrella?

The Priest Down the Well

The Fall of Misfortunes

Jamie Wants the Grey Unicorn

The Wicked Island

In the Corner of the Old Sphinx

In the Bomb-shelter of Luxury

In the Basement of the Minotaur

It's Time to Disappear

The Mutant Makes Me Jealous

My Koala is Always Waiting

Olga has Gone

The Funky, White Goldfish

There's a Happy Pegasus Outside the Window

The Stripey Zebra has Responded

Earl Makes Mistakes

The Fish is Around the Corner

There's an Alligator in the Outhouse

Where the Silly Things Wait

The Waiter is Falling

My Grandpa is Always Shrinking

I Can Make It Right

Eric's Red Puppy

I Love This Grey Dress

Why is Jane Good?

The Senator and the New Giraffe

The Happy Teddy Bear

I Like Hungry Trousers

Funny Adam

Keith the Wonderful Marine

Rabbit Reef

A Year with April

My Mum is a Navigator

The Otter Wears Silly Gloves

Sergio Wants to Run

The Funky Zombie

Ian and the Ghost

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