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Random Relationships (x 500)

Private Investigator and Cop


Step-parent and Step-child

Long Lost Friends

Sheriff and Banker

Concierge and Guest

French Teacher and Student

Father of the Groom and Bride

Truck Driver and Hitchhiker

Loan Shark and Client

Bearded Lady and Acrobat

Assassin and Queen

Parent and Child

Bird Watchers

Dancer and Choreographer

Musician and Song-writer


Camera Operator and Actor

Guitar Teacher and Student


Priest and Beggar

Actor and Agent

Football Player and Coach

Tourist and Mugger

Cab Driver and Passenger

Wedding Planner and Bride

Liquor Store Clerk and Robber

Astronaut and Technician

Florist and Customer

Guard and King

Undertaker and Bereaved

Bouncer and Comedian


Alien and Kid

Guru and Disciple

Dogcatcher and Dog Owner

Chef and Fry Cook

Prison Inmate and Warden

Flight Attendant and Pilot

Mad Scientist and Creature

Santa and Mall Security Guard

Park Ranger and Hiker


Charity Volunteer and Philanthropist

A Couple Who are Both Married to Other People


Robot and Creator

Doctor and Patient

Superhero and Police Chief

Scientist and Lab Assistant

Ship Captain and Child

Coal Miners

Psychic and Skeptic

Pilot and Child


Football Player and Nerd

Construction Workers

God and Mary

A Couple


Farmer and Farmhand

Receptionist and Courier

Hunter and Vegan

Veterinarian and Pet Owner

Resident and Prospective Tenant

Game Show Host and Contestant


Musician and Muse

Diver and Boat Captain

Professor and Student

Swordsmith and King

Mall Security Guard and Shop Owner


Mall Security Guards

Teacher and Principal

Babysitter and Parent

Author and Publisher


Fashion Designer and Buyer

Artist and Model


Ventriloquist and Dummy

Devil and Demon

Saxophonist and Guitarist

Dictator and Wife


Cat and Rat

Landlord and Tenant


Taxidermist and Hunter

Cop and Child

Drug Dealer and Cop

Queen and Knight

Social Worker and Client

Lumberjack and Protester

Tailor and Customer

Sheriff and Saloon Owner

Gravedigger and Priest



Dealer and Gambler

Kitchen Hands


Bodyguard and Celebrity


Pingpong Player and Coach

Computer Programmer and Manager

Director and Makeup Artist

Strong Man and Ringmaster

Maid and Gamekeeper

Mechanic and Boss

Detective and Coroner

Cruise Director and Passenger

Gladiator and Patron

Inventor and Husband

Bellhop and Guest

Actor and Teacher

Entrepreneur and Investor

Blacksmith and Horse Owner

Ghost and Exorcist

Art Teacher and Student

Exotic Dancer and Bar Staff

Jockey and Horse Owner

Flight Attendant and Child


Science Tutor and Student


Ship Captain and Botanist

Best Man and Bridesmaid

Santa and Elf


Scientist and Test Subject

Chef and Kitchen Hand

Golfer and Caddy

Nurse and Surgeon

Jailer and Condemned Prisoner

God and St.Peter


Superhero and Mayor

Bank Clerk and Robber


Farmer and Stock Agent


Undertaker and Embalmer

Ninja and Emperor

Private Investigator and Detective

Poet and Muse

Photographer and Model

Roadie and Fan



Author and Illustrator

Prison Inmate and Gang Leader

Fashion Designers


Knight and Dragon

Swordsmith and Knight

Lab Workers

Babysitter and Child

Assassin and King




Alien and Scientist

Magician and Child

Cat and Dog

Mad Scientist and Assistant

Office Workers

Tourist and Pickpocket

Bank Manager and Client

Gravedigger and Bereaved

Dictator and Mercenary

Editor and Reporter

Gondolier and Passenger

Architect and Client

Hotelier and Guest

Lifeguard and Beachgoer

Maid and Cook

King and Archer

Singer and Record Producer


Janitor and Principal

Kidnapper and Prisoner

Inventor and Investor


Yoga Instructor and Student

Murderer and Ghost

Hunter and Trapper

Truck Drivers

Swimmer and Coach

Recruit and Drill Sergeant

Detective and Witness

Game Show Host and Producer

Bearded Lady and Strong Man

Waiter and Customer

Author and Muse


Flight Attendants

Artist and Patron

Best Man and Priest

Pilot and Co-pilot

Executioner and Condemned Prisoner

Diver and Merman

Machinist and Boss

Teacher and Student

Private Investigator and Informant

Chef and Health Inspector

Golfer and Greenkeeper

Cop and Victim

Home Owner and Prospective Buyer


Exotic Dancer and Lounge Singer

An Elderly Couple



Psychiatrist and Client

Blacksmith and Stablehand

Assassin and Ruler


Professor and University Dean

AI and Creator

Ship Captain and Cabin Boy

Nanny and Child

Author and Agent

Jockey and Trainer

Mob Boss and Cop

Messenger and Queen

Air Traffic Controllers

Butler and Gardener

Piano Teacher and Student

Prison Inmates

Inventor and Child

God and Devil

Strong Man and Magician

Astronaut and Cosmonaut

Dog Owners

Ticket Collector and Passenger

Barber and Customer

Dentist and Receptionist

Sheriff and General Store Owner

Janitor and Teacher

Interrogator and Prisoner

Boss and Job Applicant

Sheepshearer and Shepherd

Librarian and Child

Groom and Priest

Grandparent and Grandchild

Pianist and Saxophonist

Ghost and Ghostbuster

Actor and Producer

Artist and Gallery Owner

Lifeguard and Shark

Wizard and Apprentice

Fashion Designer and Model

Drunk and Bar Owner

Receptionist and Customer



Cop and Burglar

Cashier and Robber

Divorced Couple

Cartoonist and Agent

Nurse and Orderly

Farmer and Debt Collector

Hunter and Poacher


Dictator and Husband

Soldier and Officer

Diver and Mermaid

Swordsmith and Sword Master

Cat and Mouse

Fishmonger and Customer

Dancer and Dance Instructor


Queen and King

Clown and Acrobat


Owner and Pet

English Tutor and Student

Artist and Muse

Alien and Human

Beautician and Client

Singer and Roadie

Bodyguard and Politician

Bouncer and Gambler

Uber Driver and Passenger

Priest and Bride

Detective and Beat Cop

Doorman and Guest

Librarian and Visitor

Spiritual Guide and Follower

DJ and Lounge Singer

Ditch Diggers

Magician and Assistant

Hospital Administrator and Doctor

Shoe Shop Assistant and Customer

Aristocrat and Cook


Swordsmith and Thief

Flight Attendant and Co-pilot

Ship Captain and Ship Doctor

Mob Boss and Bar Owner

Makeup Artist and Camera Operator

Soldier and Deserter

Wedding Planner and Groom

Janitor and Student

Veterinarian and Zookeeper

Android and Creator

Messenger and King

Union Rep and Boss

Santa and Mrs.Claus

Nanny and Parent

Highway Cop and Driver

Piano Player and Comedian

Singer and Infatuated Fan

Burglar and Homeowner

Drummer and Saxophonist

Groom and Best Man

Athlete and Coach

Sheriff and Marshal

Manicurist and Client

Lifeguard and Swimmer

Beggar and Passerby

Chef and Sous Chef

Teacher and Relief Teacher

Patient and Doctor

Ship Captain and Sailor

Hotdog Vendor and Customer

Valet and Groom


Drug Dealer and Bar Staff

Swordsmith and Queen

Cop and Detective

Acrobat and Ringmaster

Director and Camera Operator

Taxidermist and Bereaved Pet Owner

Detective and Judge

Science Teacher and Student

Tourist and Local

Musician and Conductor

Priest and Imam

Dancer and Director

Damsel and Dragon

Bar Owner and DJ

Mob Boss and Drug Dealer

Exterminator and Client

Actor and Casting Director

Magician and Parent

Architect and Builder

Father of the Bride and Priest

Surgeon and Nurse

Antique Dealer and Customer

Chef and Maître D'

Messenger and Squire

Prison Inmate and Prison Boss

Ship Captain and Engineer

Strong Man and Lion Tamer

Tennis Player and Coach

Groom and Nanny

Park Ranger and Tourist

Flight Attendant and Passenger

Priest and Parishioner

Tourist and Tour Guide

Janitor and Parent

Athlete and Nerd

Producer and Actor

Angel and Demon

Alien and Doctor

Sheriff and Whore

Singer and Bass Guitarist

Mob Boss and Police Captain

Housekeeper and Nanny

Flight Attendant and Captain

Actor and Understudy

Cat and Kitten

Mother of the Groom and Groom

Magician and Tightrope Walker

Handyperson and Customer

Dictator and Coup Leader

Inventor and Wife

Musician and Sound Technician

Camera Operator and Director

Teacher and Parent

Plumber and Client

Bass Guitarist and Guitarist

Intern and Orderly

Priest and Rabbi

Cook and Aristocrat

DJ and Exotic Dancer

Bearded Lady and Magician

Bridesmaid and Mother of the Groom

Lifeguard and Drunk

Superhero and Sidekick

Salesperson and Customer

Friends with Benefits

Ship Captain and Passenger

Game Show Host and Assistant

Santa and Child

Dictator and Diplomat

Hunter and Park Ranger

Maths Tutor and Student

Groom and Housekeeper

Producer and Writer

Singer and Band Manager

Squire and Court Jester

Intern and Nurse

Pilot and Hijacker

Cat and Bird

Flight Attendant and Hijacker

Factory Worker and Boss

Gas Station Attendant and Robber

Tightrope Walker and Strong Man

Groom and Father of the Bride

Mechanic and Customer

Dietician and Client

Chef and Food Critic

Teacher and Teacher Aide

Actor and Body Double

Host and Guest

Dentist and Patient

Detective and Suspect

Private Investigator and Client

English Teacher and Student

Astronaut and Alien

Sheriff and Deputy

Nanny and Maid

Hunter and Photographer

Writer and Makeup Artist

King and Queen

Assassin and Client

Priest and Altar Boy

Trapeze Artist and Tightrope Walker

Pet Shop Worker and Customer

Personal Trainer and Client

Exotic Dancer and DJ

Actor and Co-star

Roadie and Band Manager

Orderly and Doctor

Bride and Mother of the Groom


Author and Editor

Swordsmith and Princess

Knight and Messenger

Chimney-sweep and Gamekeeper

Mad Scientist and Child

Lounge Singer and Piano Player

Best Man and Mother of the Groom

Clown and Strong Man

Locksmith and Customer

Band Manager and Fan

Masseur and Client

Dictator and Child

Writer and Camera Operator

Dance Teacher and Student

Butler and Aristocrat

Wizard and Knight

Cop and Police Captain

Bearded Lady and Clown

Comedian and Exotic Dancer

Tatooist and Customer

Drummer and Band Manager

Hypnotist and Client

Santa and Reindeer Keeper

Nurse and Hospital Administrator

Pilot and Air Marshal

Bridesmaid and Groom

Mob Boss and Underling

Dictator and General

God and Jesus

Pole Vaulter and Coach

Maid and Groom

Guard and Squire

Loan Shark and Customer

Singer and Fan

Intern and Surgeon

Lounge Singer and DJ

Chef and Server

Jockey and Veterinarian

Dogcatcher and Dog Owner

Real Estate Agent and Prospective Buyer

Father of the Groom and Father of the Bride

Tech Support and Client

Dentist and Dental Hygienist

Guitarist and Pianist

Trapeze Artist and Ringmaster

Gladiator and Caesar

Gas Station Attendant and Customer

Director and Actor

Housekeeper and Gardener

Chef and Delivery Person

Ship Captain and Pirate

DJ and Bar Owner


Fortune-teller and Client

Wizard and Guard

Maths Teacher and Student

Doctor and Orderly

Greengrocer and Customer

Makeup Artist and Actor

Bass Guitarist and Roadie

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