disclaimer: The text generated is random, based on templates and lists. Some will be silly, some might even be offensive (not intentionally, just unanticipated word combinations). Sometimes there are gender-specific terms. Please, use your own judgement and filter or change as necessary for your purposes. Use whatever inspires you!

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Random Epic Names (x 500)

Truirdolla Stonegazer

Doris, Angel of Hounds

Kelear, Brother of Eternity

Randall the Cold

Durice the Small

Virgil, Champion of Pleasure

Sally Sincrusher

Lorawuatyra, Son of Light

Noree the Bold

Jorf Bloodharvest

Beatrice Doom-elf

Ueltio, Guardian of Wind

Careurd the Black

Billy-Bob the Tall

Olga Lovestaff

Feower Mind-anvil

Ghupo, Princess of Waves

Enout the Cold

Tamara Joywave

Triseelur Goldhunter

Sheila, Shaman of Beasts

Yeliu, Blade of Ice

Thestoe Bondburner

Opoove the Dead

Eurs, Ace of the River

Rebecca Sunfoot

Venaurice Doomtongue

Roberta, Shaman of Fairies

Terry Lifeshaker

Eustae the Deceiver

Zhurlolex, Warrior of Magic

Doreak Hopeswine

Franklin the Invincible

Scott, Prince of Pleasure

Moa the Mad

Holav Oathtrace

Scoen, Mother of Fairies

Rafael, Mage of Swords

Sherri the Godless

Wynuow Sinreaper

Ruth, Blade of Snow

Squaurga, Shaman of Water

Shark Soulkeeper

Sue Worldblade

Durzou, Heart of Beasts

Earl the Fearless

Seth Moonless

Vuot Starstorm

Gilues the White

Carlos the Dark

Trachaulim Faithwave

Ramona, Spirit of Dreams

Psuin the Deceiver

Elaltea, Goddess of Swords

Piorkina Fearseller

Brent Willwaker

Balue the Invincible

Jow, Warrior of the Underworld

Swarzaece Doomcoin

Henry, Priest of Winter

Sonia Suncarver

Iazhuo, Spirit of Stars

Xyrioc Oathharvest

Vuray, Sister of Autumn

Tried Doomwalker

Iurg the Great

Sceurzo, Face of Darkness

Valerie the White

Kathleen, Flame of Wolves

Sarap the Black

Terrance Spacestruck

Dana the Wide

Adea Doomcoin

Jimmy Starcarver

Shiev, Destroyer of Magic

Jennie Goldwish

Quoolyn the Honorable

Aedee Joyblade

Beverly, Daughter of the Sky

Jeffrey the Red

Qineo, Sword of Waves

Hereard Fleshfoot

Outamer the Light

Diana, Flame of the Dead

Uasmei, King of Dreams

Wru Feargreeter

Wrano the Unwashed

Carar, Priestess of Magic

Earl Heartsnake

Virmuorice Lifesucker

Crasealla the Indestructible

Oorpoilis, Face of Wind

Raymond, Master of Night

Drou the Terrible

Fruar Joyless

Luis Lovebane

Elizabeth the Godless

Wraffe the Brave

Skea, Daughter of Waves

Ola Sunkeeper

Erika, Shield of Tremors

Caro, Prince of Terror

Krisaysh the Undying

Ruth the Impaler

Pasoo, Sister of the Undead

Skuird Heartgazer

Geitshi the Godless

Uapai, Master of the Lake

Christine the Tall

William Bonddemon

Fare Windrain

Oav the Small

Dean the Just

Sarah, Flame of the Undead

Squaold, Warrior of the Sea

Eotshi the Vile

Gloistace Spiritwain

Frances, Protector of Magic

Iorz the Destroyer

Woep, Druid of the Lake

Julia the Dead

Shrirkealim Stonewish

Keith, Son of Water

Sue Starseller

Xyrel the Bold

Creosma Oathrain

Kluzoe, Flame of the Undead

Terry, Shaman of Hate

Ararnoidol the Barbarian

Oscar Joykeeper

Kurt the Wicked

Wraniere, Mage of Nightmares

Caroline Spacemaker

Micheal, Flame of Freedom

Ploutshorick Deathskin

Henry the Wise

Greg Soulrunner

Pazheeris, Goddess of the Forest

Lynn, Druid of Fire

Crousti Sunsword

Shorpuo, Mage of Darkness

Ereeb the Terrible

Gertrude Bloodcarver

Fenua Worldburner

Zinierz the Indestructible

Howard, Blade of the Sea

Toroebim Oathvice

Lorarluo, Princess of Terror

Karen Windrider

Cory the Black

Heirsaemin Fearcarver

Sariarm, Angel of Flames

Adea the Mad

Lucy Heartstruck

Zinual Willwish

Aythee, Mage of Space

Ri the Barbarian

Gloak, Angel of Flies

Heather the Unholy

Rebecca, Ace of Serpents

Helerpie, Queen of the Mountain

Petoe the Giant

Shane Spacetaker

Miguel, Prince of Autumn

Iothi, Druid of Demons

Stolierelle the Invincible

Venav Worldcleaner

Jeanne, Daughter of Wind

Francis the Good

Leomao the Indestructible

Ayrmuo, God of Hate

Phism Doomgrinder

Penny Fleshbane

Morielyn, Guardian of Winter

Clualis the Cold

Frank the Giant

Choastune Deathdemon

Kriec, Son of Flies

Lori, Mistress of Lions

E the Deceiver

Sareond Bloodrain

Frank Fleshsign

Jean the Destroyer

Waeseef the Indestructible

Whooiria Skybreaker

Sarould, Flame of Hope

Irma Stonehammer

Ianoo the White

Roberta, Knight of the River

Sweenix Bondmaker

Neriltaolis, Hand of Waves

Skusha Sunjaw

Sidney Windwave

Tirzoi the Vicious

Jeanne, Maiden of the Lake

Giloum, Lord of Famine

Lena the Bold

Robin Spaceburner

Wheolt, Druid of Delight

Giruathor the Wise

Jeanette the Vicious

Virgil, Brother of Time

Fiurguris the Vile

Liasie, Mage of the Feast

Brandon, Squire of the Living

Susan Moonwalker

Kevin the Unjust

Adaulor, Blade of Autumn

Sceotune Faithfoot

Roger, Druid of Lions

Venoi, Spirit of Shadows

Doris the Unwashed

Cindy Heartwaker

Melinda, Daughter of Peace

Toa the Wise

Rose the Wicked

Aernuelis Moonsucker

Beatrice Stardragon

Uargau the Invincible

Kemeoyn, Knight of the Forest

Ravastui Mindvice

Kirk Faithcarver

Giloolla, Ace of Water

Shah, Father of the River

Ket the Good

Priscilla Oathkeeper

Norman, Druid of Eternity

Kaern Willhammer

Freismel, Heart of Sin

Wysameo the Bold

Roberto the Cold

Bryan Doomfoot

Zumaora, Champion of Wind

Yvonne the Loathsome

Peataral Love-eater

Austee the Honorable

Ilirdae Stonebreaker

Smiwies, Spirit of War

Glenn Doomworm

Timothy, Father of Joy

Zinourp, Bringer of Fairies

Tommy the Wise

Jesus Soulskin

Braore the Unjust

Waesui Spirithand

Dadeilex, Lord of Light

Shrea the Impaler

Georgia the Giant

Adam, Heart of the Sky

Denise Lovehunter

Carou the Wide

Iaruech, Angel of Joy

Eddie, Blade of Lions

Jimmy Timebeard

Reiu the Dark

Pui Spaceborn

Russell, Son of Nightmares

Pauline the Vicious

Enoonor, Mistress of Dragons

Zylael Sinbreaker

Droshador the Light

Wrualla Faithseller

Edward Windmore

Hiotch Lifekeeper

Anna, Face of Luck

Trozhuo the Deceiver

Jack Bloodmage

Dawn, Ace of Space

Oaweedor, Shield of Wine

Olga Starbane

Syluelt the Destroyer

Walter, Knight of Serpents

Staorgi Bloodreaper

Albert the Greedy

Thomas Doommaker

Cory, Face of Darkness

Grio the Vile

Aursuamer, Destroyer of the Moon

Vaynalex Hopeworm

Teresa the Wide

Ravap the Great

Crarpimin Heartfoot

Priu, Eye of the Mountain

Janice, Guardian of Dreams

Randall the Just

Joshua Willcup

Steoris, Mage of Demons

Gordon, Son of Fairies

Qinoired the Dark

Eiduarwyn Spiritsong

Pliuzhu, Hand of Terrors

Edgar, Bringer of Darkness

Katie the Grey

Dard, Heart of Demons

Oismue the Great

Zylaish Hopemore

Frank Bondwright

Ourt, Mage of Terrors

Christopher, Hand of Autumn

Scuania the Vile

Janet the Powerful

Pereotra Fleshtongue

Waesia Sinreaper

Clearpo, Spirit of Snow

Jo the Bloody

Mike Mind-anvil

Charlotte, Mistress of Winter

Holathay Sungrief

Nellie Bloodhunter

Sniech, Champion of the Sea

Weanor Bondwyrm

Burmaenix the Deceiver

Vera, Flame of Lies

Zhoirz Starreach

Triora, Druid of Heaven

Krirteo Stonewind

Skoo the Invincible

Donald Faithwyrm

Oeldeiyra, Brother of Sin

Alfred the White

Judith, Shield of Stars

Lynn Windcatcher

Quirp the Vicious

Zumuird, Lord of Death

Resoa Starwalker

Gladys the Dead

Chris Skycleaner

Diutshe Lifewave

Jaelor the Destroyer

Alexander Sincarver

Speosmurwyn, Priest of the Sky

Ilirz the Dark

Oowuomin Spiritcoin

Criro, Hand of Time

Marcus Windless

Snouze the Loathsome

Liuse Goldmaker

Manuel Faithsnake

Skoi, Sister of the Sun

Prued Spiritsign

Todd, Son of Wolves

Lena the Dead

Shrash, Princess of Summer

Mageo Skytrace

Ouv the Undying

Roy, Protector of the Sky

Aerleuc, Destroyer of Hounds

Herman Oathshaker

Daer Spacewain

Vincent, Face of Wind

Ouzh the Deceiver

Iugiana Skyface

Claitshuyra the Invincible

Liarbayl, King of Space

Naomi Sinveil

Oemou the Dead

Is, Hand of Faith

Enuo Goldwyrm

Derrick Timerider

Fatoibon the Honest

Bre, Protector of the Air

Elmer, Priest of Eternity

Morgai the Destroyer

Elizabeth the Deceiver

Minnie Stonehammer

Eiffaylex Starblade

Ian, Master of Peace

Huerin the Greedy

Xaib Hopetaker

Snimau, Lord of the Moon

Wheiffu the Invincible

Tiffany the Destroyer

Bitchia Oathskin

Eurbiure, Knight of Hate

Javier, Angel of Famine

Squaimin the Black

Treo Spiritfoot

Sputshe, Druid of Terrors

Sylua the Wide

Marian the Cold

Maus, Shaman of Swords

Ulavue, Knight of Peace

Carmen Bone-elf

Gloursuris Winddancer

Judy, Heart of Terror

Glenn the Mad

Kloewyn the Cold

Xoas, Champion of Magic

Julie, Flame of the Rain

Psuaz Sinbane

Heilt the Dark

Virgil, King of the Undead

Swa, Lady of Nightmares

Gladys the Unholy

Carl Skybeard

Niemulla, Protector of Tigers

Yesirf the Good

Margie the Just

Aond Sunjaw

Eargayth, Destroyer of the Moon

Bloal the Wide

Jaers Moonbreaker

Dianne Timewraith

Magius the Just

Faernark, God of Delight

Salvador Spacecatcher

Naestou, Spirit of Tigers

Aurlelur Sunsucker

Cliover, Hand of Magic

Wade the Terrible

Freip the Cold

Kreu Faithless

Jeffrey, Brother of the River

Oostulla, Shaman of the Sea

Ien Starsucker

Clifton Lovemouth

Bradley, Warrior of Light

Vireirn the Mad

Thermi Sincleaner

Glynoi, Sister of Terror

Greef the Bold

Ralph the Fearless

Minnie Sunrain

Mui, Blade of the River

Kearneador the Cold

Todd, Spirit of Luck

Yesoe Deathhammer

Theresa, Warrior of Stars

Nathaniel Oathbite

Wanda, Heart of Nightmares

Maureen the Indestructible

Juanita Hopedragon

Oickuamal Lifetrace

Enao the Destroyer

Thert, Mistress of Hate

Shian Starsucker

Susan Spacebile

Kluase the Small

Faruoh, Sword of Light

Wesley, Eye of Magic

Allison Goldmagic

Irtue, Guardian of Night

Pouwe Deathwave

Misty the Good

Herao the Giant

Smushau, Angel of Water

Wroeulor Timewind

Tommy, Druid of Demons

Rick the Godless

Glynoe Bondless

Skuige, Heart of Destruction

Grauxawyn the Trickster

Ralonaese, Champion of Peace

Carla the Just

Cari, Sister of Magic

Toroam Oathrain

Wynaurl the Red

Uird the Dark

Caitshuolur the Brave

Diak the Good

Jay, Squire of Waves

Kroe Skyvice

William Joy-elf

Amy, Sister of Pain

Smeezhur, Flame of the Air

Laura-May Bondsword

Xilui the Great

Phitshouce Hopedancer

Louis, Mage of Freedom

Cynthia Stonedemon

Uartialer the Godless

Korzearia, Shield of the Dead

Patsy, Ace of Stars

Julia the Mad

Lorarb the Terrible

Toes, Blade of Nightmares

Sla the Bloody

Stroove the Impervious

Psolilis, Eye of the Feast

Ulteu, Destroyer of Joy

Samuel Spacecrusher

Kathleen, Flame of Eternity

Fruo Soulburner

Iaz the Indestructible

Ianae, King of Lightning

Rafael, Ace of Flies

Te the Unholy

Ryan the Honest

Presuor, Hand of Ice

Boes Soulchaser

Trisiure the Damned

Bonnie the Proud

Caroline Willdevil

Felix, Druid of Joy

Prolteemin, Champion of the Underworld

Sluozu the Red

Gileod the Fearless

Cassandra the Deceiver

Nelson, Lord of Hate

Elarz the Bold

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