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Random Dialogue (x 100)

This room is bugged.

I knew you wouldn't be able to fix it.

You're amazing!

I just want a kite. What's wrong with that?

When the bell rings, make a run for it.

I want you to love me.

Am I dead, or not?

How much influence do you have?

Someone's having a bad day.

I am going to Christmas.

You broke the vase on purpose.

You said you didn't see your wife at all today.

Don't upset your grandmother, not now.

No one can ever know how much this hurts.

It's your fault that the recital sucked.

I'll keep guard.

You are the most beautiful person I have ever met.

I'm a ghost.

I will always want you.

Just sitting is good for the soul.

You are my son.

How dare you smile at me!

I have lost the will to live.

Please, listen to me.

We're crazy.

Did you eat last night?

He couldn't have left at a worse time.

It's giving me hope.

Sound the alarm!

I can offer you a job.

Get ready, or get out.

Don't get too close.

Take the drink and go.

Put it here.

I've reported it to Interpol.

Take this and pray.

I see you are thinking.

I guess you have seen the stories about my uncle?

I can offer you a diet Coke.

I never gave up hope.

I want you to be powerless.

We're going to need a spatula.

Good morning!

I bet you know why I'm smiling.

I feel elated.

Throw me the teddy bear.

Open the bottle.

We're ghosts.

I want that hippopotamus out of my life!

We're going to need a jeweler.

My life is over.

I heard a voice coming from the guest room.

Let's dance

Stop, in the name of love.

A girl needs her space.

I want you to cancel my trip to Germany.

This is the worst time to be angry.

I love summer in Japan.

When I was little, I wanted to be a builder.

You never say what you're thinking.

No one can ever know the truth.

You made me cry on purpose.

You are not my conscience.

No one can ever know that you can dance.

It's time to pack your bags.

Don't upset your boss, not now.

I volunteer to eat it!

You said you didn't see your father at all today.

They know it was me

I want you to help me.

I knew you wouldn't be able to turn things around.

You lost it.

It's your fault that we ran out of milk.

I want you to stop looking at me.

When the door opens, start crying.

I'm the best sheepshearer on this planet

It's not mine.

Leave it here.

Reading is one of the great pleasures in life.

We should start a business.

You are so good to me.

This is the only thing that's made the last five minutes bearable

I have powers.

This is a fine ship

Don't be scared. I just need you to hold your breath

Find some proof that I lied to you.

I have to tell you about the psychiatrist.

Sorry, I can't do this any more.

No one can ever know that I like you

You're crazy.

If you're hungry, we'll get started.

I just want a shovel. What's wrong with that?

Go and live with your sister, then! See if I care.

He was unconscious when I found him.

I want you to be disgusting.

Please, come in.

I see you have done this before.

It was your fault that Grandma fell down the well.

The first thing to consider is safety.

You're coming with me!

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