disclaimer: The text generated is random, based on templates and lists. Some will be silly, some might even be offensive (not intentionally, just unanticipated word combinations). Sometimes there are gender-specific terms. Please, use your own judgement and filter or change as necessary for your purposes. Use whatever inspires you!

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Random Titles (x 100)

Jacob is a Pixie

The Orange Lake

The Desert of Angst

It's Time to Breathe Underwater

The Lucky Mutant

The Creepy Programmer has Arrived

My Dad Makes Me Sing

The Timid, Yellow Eagle

My Grandma is a Winemaker

Who Wants a Bed?

The Winter of Surprises

The Wicked Pony and the Brown Panda

The Hunter and the Angry Goat

Why is Margie Big?

My Silly Trousers

There's a Magical Hedgehog at the Bus Stop

The Lamb Makes a Deal

Chad the Security Guard Makes a Statement

Your Moose Stole My Ball

The Tiger Wears a Crazy Mask

Leonard Chases Aphrodite

Rose Makes Me Tell the Truth

I Love This Wonderful Goldfish

The Ninja in the Hair Salon

Pretty Caroline

Time to Make the Team

Elaine has Flown Away

The Stream of Luxuries

My New Chicken has Agreed

Valerie and the Mysterious Silversmith

A Pink Goose in England

The God is Behind the Bikeshed

The Pickpocket is Acting

Philip Loves to Swim

Marie and the Funny Gremlin

Take off Your Stripey Jacket

The Green Elf

The Purple Kitten has Changed

Disappointment is Brown

In the Lighthouse of Freedom

Christine Makes Connections

The Wicked, New Whale

Why Jacob is Funky

The Pianist Makes Fudge

Ant Reef

Why is Daryl Magical?

The White Sweater

My Grandpa is Always Dancing

The Shapeshifter of Silliness

I Found My Big Suit

My Grandma Makes Me Angry

My Mum is a Witch

The Demon Makes Me Glow

My Grandpa is a Botanist

It's Time to Do Magic

Peter the Carver Makes a Treehouse

The Sheep Wears Grey Underpants

The Mysterious Shark and the Tiger

Jay is a Hydra

My Creepy Stockings

The Wicked Witch Makes Me Want to Shout

In the Lighthouse of the Hobgoblin

The Winter of Loss

My Fish is a Herald

My Elephant Needs to Play Basketball

Misty's Week Without a Bed

The Happy Squirrel Ate My Skateboard

Jason is in the Office

The Peak of Victory

Who Wants a Doll?

The Spring of Rumours

Shawn and the Mad Monster

Heidi Makes Me Nervous

My Horse is Whispering

Where the Little Things are

The Unicorn is Under the Bed

I Want a Hungry Ball

The Gigantic Woods

Ramon Makes a Comeback

Sean Can Do Magic

Lewis has Arrived

The Crocodile Wears a Red Suit

I Can Make Medicine

My Grandma Makes Me Want to Shout

The Librarian in the Basement

Kimberly's Timid Jumper

It's Time to Read Minds

The Yellow Fish has Fallen

I Want Black Shoes

In the Observatory of Xena

The Funny, Goofy Monkey

Javier is Funky

Tonya Carries Joan

The Legend of Duck Ocean

I Found a Silly Bed

My Dad is Always Calling

There's a Hippopotamus in the Cell

The Good Leprechaun

A Week with Armando

My Mum is a Model

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