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Random Opening Lines (x 50)

It was a gloomy - Months evening. Sarah took a bite of her hot dog as she led the firefighter into the bedroom.

It was a evening full of promise. Martha was in the cathedral.

Dwight could feel his heart beating.

When Maureen arrived at Thanksgiving, everyone gasped.

Clara felt that Constance was offensive.

Gertrude could see that Elly-May was a diver. She tried not to feel intimidated.

Wendy chewed some gum.

Lynn was suprised to be floating.

When rain stopped, Alberto knew it was time to sleep.

When Dwayne opened the door Mr. Carter looked up from his book.

Marvin was glad that Steven was coming to his wedding.

Guy could tell that Roy was monstrous. He opened the door to the laundry.

The police officer opened the door, and led Michael inside.

It was a quiet morning down by the river.

Sheila opened the door to the attic. The silence was overwhelming.

Someone had invited a dinosaur to Christmas. Samantha knew what to do.

As soon as Easter started, Tim closed his eyes and took a breath.

The bedroom was deserted.

Micheal had never been to the sea. He hoped for a miracle.

On Monday, Margie made the team.

Mary put down the teddy bear nervously.

It was a long way to the swamp. Christy stopped and buttoned up her jacket.

Caizh Goldharvest raised her shield.

"It's now or never," Emily told herself as she waited at the football stadium.

Judith had been expecting Pauline for six days. She ground her teeth.

Maria opened the door to the classroom. She checked her watch.

Tony tried to hide. It was going to be a special afternoon.

Caroline had come to Switzerland prepared. She was here to meet the barber.

It was a magical May afternoon. Alfred was at the door.

Ramon felt that the herbalist was boisterous.

When rain stopped, Joan knew it was time to find shelter.

Johnny staggered in the darkness. The walls were crumbling.

Lady Emily was eating in the garage.

Going to the woods was a foolhardy idea. Gary took a sip of his merlot.

After spending a night under a bridge, Elizabeth was relieved to see her wife.

Lady Applecot was sitting in the office.

The noises coming from the guest room made Lucy hopeful.

Wayne knew that the monkey was satisfied.

Dale had invited a screenwriter to Thanksgiving. He knew the fun was about to begin.

It was a typical evening in the temple. Mitchell meditated.

Someone had invited a snake to Easter. Ian knew it wouldn't end well.

Frank had never been to the creek. He lit a cigarette.

Gordon could tell that Fred was healthy. He opened the door to the bathroom.

Gail opened the door to the living room. The silence was overwhelming.

When Alan arrived at his party, Bernard stared in disbelief.

Aaron walked into the guest room and looked at Myrtle. "You make me glow," he said.

The basement was spotless.

It was a quiet afternoon down by the pond.

When Reginald arrived at his wedding, everyone embraced him.

Angela opened the door to the armory. She wiped the sweat from her brow.

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