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Random Opening Lines (x 50)

On Thursday, Sidney made sure.

Smoke was in the air. Frank waited.

Syloork shielded her eyes against the blast.

When Pearl opened the door Mrs. Baker looked up from her work.

Lord Rick was in one of his moods.

The blacksmith opened the door, and led Judith inside.

It was a clear night. Anita was on the bus.

Ken opened the door to the walk-in freezer. The silence was overwhelming.

For as long as Keith could remember, he'd wanted to be a dressmaker.

If the ninja didn't arrive soon, Deborah didn't know what she would do.

As soon as Thanksgiving started, Timothy took a sip of his juice.

It started like any other evening in the cafe. Madison lit a cigarette.

Jill fumbled in the darkness. The walls were hot to the touch.

Janet had invited a guru to Easter. She knew it wouldn't end well.

It was a crisp afternoon. Cody went over the plan as he led the mercenary into the wine cellar.

Guo leaned into the wind.

When Ivan arrived at his wedding, Lester laughed.

Michele had been waiting for Margie for six days. She closed her eyes and took a breath.

It was a typical evening in the observatory. Leroy chewed his lip.

When wolves began to howl, Melinda knew it was time to move on.

Someone had invited a hippopotamus to Thanksgiving. Bruce knew what to do.

Going to the island was a bad idea. Jimmie took a long sip of his Earl Grey tea.

Lord Culcester was waiting in the wardrobe.

Terrance grimaced. It was going to be a fantastic evening.

It was a quiet afternoon down by the lake.

Rachel was swimming. She bit her fingernails.

The rabbit had escaped. Holly knew exactly what to do.

Matthew had never been to the mountain. He questioned his decision.

The police officer opened the door, and led Leslie inside.

It was a dark, moonless Wednesday night. Aaron was in the prison.

There had never been a ventriloquist quite like Charlotte Campbell, and she knew it.

It was a long way to the beach. Brian stopped and took a long sip of his martini.

Lord Culmount was in one of his moods.

The dining room was flooded.

Calvin walked into the studio and glanced at Ivan. "You make me spin," he said.

Jacqueline was worried that no one was coming to Thanksgiving.

Clinton opened the door to the kitchen. The smell was surprisingly pleasant.

On Friday, Allen always made friends.

As soon as the funeral started, Chad closed his eyes and took a breath.

Shawn was in the cafe. He had a plate in his hand.

A sense of mystery was in the air. Patsy waited.

Holand leaned into the wind.

When Edwin arrived at his grand opening, Paul cried.

If the greengrocer didn't arrive soon, Johnnie didn't know what he would do.

Clarence could see that Willie was a drummer. He tried not to smile.

After spending a night in jail, Armando was relieved to see his mother.

Jenny could tell that Julia was outrageous. She opened the door to the armory.

Anthony staggered in the darkness. The walls were ice-cold.

For as long as Beatrice could remember, she'd wanted to be an interpreter.

Someone had invited a hippopotamus to the funeral. Jimmy knew what to do.

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