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Random Opening Lines (x 100)

Joshua walked into the lobby and glanced at Alice. "You make me happy," he said.

Vanessa was delighted to be alone.

If the drummer didn't arrive soon, Yolanda didn't know what she would do.

When Mabel opened the door Mrs. Robin son looked up from her book.

It was a lazy night. Wade was in the bath.

It was a long way to the mountain. Robert stopped and whistled nonchalantly.

Misty put down the teddy bear slowly.

Lady Sonia was in one of her moods.

It was a evening full of promise. Duane took a bite of his spring-roll as he led the shaman into the garage.

Diane had invited a zebra to Thanksgiving. She knew the fun was about to begin.

Going to the beach was a terrible idea. John lit a cigarette.

Gerald staggered in the gloom. The walls were sticky.

Love was in the air. Armando smiled knowingly.

The coach opened the door, and led Alfredo inside.

Someone had invited a deer to the wedding. Lucille knew the fun was about to begin.

Karl opened the door to the sauna. He had dreamed of this moment.

Misty had been expecting Catherine for four days. She shrugged.

For as long as Evelyn could remember, she'd wanted to be a spy.

Wallace could tell that Joshua was an evangelist. He tried not to worry.

The kitchen was spotless.

The moose was on the prowl. Jordan knew exactly what to do.

Leslie could feel her life slipping away.

Samantha felt that Jennifer was circumspect.

On Monday, Jane made a cake.

When Cathy arrived at her party, everyone cried.

Cecil knew it was too late. It was going to be a special morning.

Warren felt that the inventor was authoritarian.

When Marlene arrived at Easter, Bernice booed her.

It was a misty evening. Clayton was in the cave.

Trianys Sungrinder raised her sword.

Jose could tell that Bob was well-rounded. He opened the door to the bathroom.

The noises coming from the sauna made Michelle hopeful.

Carmen had invited a turtle to her party. She knew what to do.

Rose put down the slice of pizza slowly.

April hoped that no one was coming to Thanksgiving.

Ashley hoped that the chicken was stable.

Lady Elderham was in one of her moods.

Laura was walking. She took a sip of her egg nog.

"No one will ever know," Velma told herself as she waited in the nuclear power-plant.

Someone had invited a giraffe to the wedding. Gregory knew it wouldn't end well.

Dorothy opened the door to the bedroom. The stench was unmistakable.

For as long as Robin could remember, she'd wanted to be an undertaker.

Jerome could see that Dwight was a silversmith. He tried not to feel intimidated.

The dungeon was spotless.

As soon as the funeral started, Christina went over the plan.

Jeanette staggered in the gloom. The walls were slimey.

Lady Rachel was reading in the kitchen.

It was a busy winter night. Kirk rubbed his hands together as he led the judge into the outhouse.

Dora was suprised to be alone.

It was a long and sleepless Sunday night. Jenny was in the shower.

Ross was in the hair salon. He had a phone in his hand.

Peggy hoped that Debra was annoyed.

When the sun rose, Stephanie knew it was time to move on.

Going to the valley was a foolhardy idea. Georgia swallowed nervously.

On Monday, Zachary always made music.

Farayt leaned into the wind.

Leo wanted to dance. It was going to be a special day.

Nina had never been to the island. She crouched and tied her laces.

Leslie could see that Annie was devoted. She opened the door to the pantry.

If the spelunker didn't arrive soon, Jeanette didn't know what she would do.

Luis was the best interpreter around.

When Alma opened the door Mrs. HernĂ¡nd ez looked up from her work.

Smoke was in the air. Cassandra looked at the time.

When Jennifer arrived at her wedding, everyone laughed at her.

Adrian enjoyed the feeling of anticipation.

Someone had invited a crow to the grand opening. Pauline knew what to do.

When Johnny arrived at Thanksgiving, William fainted.

Cariok shielded his eyes against the sun.

The sound of the chickens made Philip angry.

The lobby was flooded.

Ruby had invited a bird to her party. She knew what to do.

It was a typical winter afternoon. Louis was under the bed.

Sue had come to Berlin prepared. She was here to meet the chief of police.

Gertrude opened the door to the attic. Her senses were overwhelmed.

It was a quiet afternoon down by the stream.

The merchant opened the door, and led Wilma inside.

The octopus had escaped. Mabel pretended not to notice.

"It's almost over," Dave told himself as he waited at the train station.

Paula opened the door to the outhouse. She took a long sip of her Powerade.

If the priest didn't arrive soon, Jeff didn't know what he would do.

Kyle felt that the monkey was protective.

Lillian could not feel anything.

It was a long way to the desert. Crystal stopped and set aside her hammer.

It was a rainy afternoon. Karen closed her eyes and took a drag on her cigarette as she led the photographer into the kitchen.

On Friday, Marshall made a pillow fort.

Samantha walked into the bedroom and glanced at Courtney. "You make me spin," she said.

Deborah fumbled in the gloom. The walls were crumbling.

Lord Bexbeck was eating in the library.

When the moon came up, Barry knew it was time to find shelter.

Jay questioned his plan.

The sound of the parrot squawking made Geraldine hesitant.

Marcia could tell that Beatrice was an air traffic controller. She tried not to feel intimidated.

Sonia had never been to the valley. She swallowed nervously.

As soon as Easter started, Beth raised her hands.

When Hugh arrived at his party, everyone rushed to see him.

Carla could feel her life slipping away.

When Olga opened the door Mr. Garcia looked up from his book.

Going to the cave was a good idea. Brett looked at the time.

Dwayne nodded to the innkeeper. It was going to be a momentous day.

Ana opened the door to the barn. She had dreamed of this moment.

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