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Random Opening Lines (x 100)

Arthur opened the door to the living room. The odour was surprisingly pleasant.

Gregory put down the hot dog nervously.

Leroy could feel his heart beating.

Dale felt that the blacksmith was money-minded.

Joanne could see that Julia was a police officer. She tried not to laugh.

Priscilla was suprised to be alone.

The attic was deserted.

Lena was at the travel agent. She had a spatula in her hand.

When rain stopped, Denise knew it was time to run.

For as long as Ken could remember, he'd wanted to be a dentist.

"You can do this," Chris told himself as he waited under the bed.

When Matthew opened the door Mr. Baker looked up from his work.

It was a long and sleepless night. Phillip was at the bus stop.

When Perry arrived at Christmas, Howard rushed to see him.

After spending a night in hell, Roger was relieved to see his home.

On Sunday, Crystal made a contribution.

Going to the valley was a nice idea. Joanne straightened her clothes.

It was a long way to the lake. Wallace stopped and struggled to breathe.

Dianne was glowing. She meditated.

Amy hoped that the elephant was fashionable.

The evangelist opened the door, and led Suzanne inside.

A sense of mystery was in the air. Sylvia looked at the time.

Morris ground his teeth.

The pony was on the prowl. Lori panicked.

If the graphic artist didn't arrive soon, Jeanne didn't know what she would do.

Leslie fumbled in the darkness. The walls were sticky.

Margie was glad that Robin was coming to Easter.

The sound of the lawnmower made Marion laugh.

As soon as the funeral started, Patricia took a long sip of her ale.

Gwendolyn checked her reflection. It was going to be a special morning.

Dave could see that the exotic dancer was vacuous.

Betty could feel her life slipping away.

The music coming from the laundry made Angel hopeful.

When wolves began to howl, Paula knew it was time to sleep.

Bob opened the door to the lobby. He could not believe what he saw.

Alexander was the best author in town.

Oscar was at the train station. He had a bottle in his hand.

When Ramona arrived at Christmas, everyone cried.

Melissa could tell that Michele was amused. She opened the door to the garage.

It was a beautiful night. Lonnie buttoned up his jacket as he led the DJ into the bathroom.

It was a fun October morning. Jose was at the door.

Going to the volcano was a good idea. Maria checked her reflection.

"It has to work," Jeffrey told himself as he waited in the shop.

For as long as Sidney could remember, he'd wanted to be a builder.

The closet was spotless.

Clinton had come to Japan prepared. He was here to meet the pirate.

Bryan had been expecting Tony for six hours. He rubbed his hands together.

Eormao waited for the battle to begin.

Smoke was in the air. Diane waited.

Sarah walked into the kitchen and glanced at Lorraine. "You make me wet," she said.

The bandit opened the door, and led Lois inside.

Someone had invited a puppy to the grand opening. Derek knew it wouldn't end well.

As soon as the funeral started, Mathew smiled knowingly.

It was a quiet morning down by the stream.

The sound of the chainsaw made Christian hesitant.

Gwendolyn was disappointed that Cindy was coming to Thanksgiving.

When Marcia opened the door Mrs. Moore looked up from her work.

Pearl could tell that Sarah-Jane was a pilot. She tried not to worry.

Bradley was suprised to be free.

Dorothy opened the door to the laundry. Her senses were overwhelmed.

It was a long way to the woods. Deborah stopped and closed her eyes and took a breath.

Peter knew that the burglar was nihilistic.

Marjorie tried to hide.

Anita had never been to the reef. She looked at the time.

Basil staggered in the gloom. The walls were slimey.

Pedro sucked his teeth. It was going to be a long night.

Pamela had invited a journalist to her party. She knew what to do.

Lloyd felt that Dan was weak-willed.

Corey could see that Wesley was prejudiced. He opened the door to the cloakroom.

Andre had been waiting for Timothy for two days. He chewed some gum.

Lady Pitwind was in one of her moods.

If the archer didn't arrive soon, Ashley didn't know what she would do.

For as long as Phillip could remember, he'd wanted to be an assassin.

When Oscar arrived at his grand opening, Arnold laughed at him.

Casey put down the hot dog nervously.

Going to the sea was a bad idea. Shane buttoned up his jacket.

William was the best construction worker who ever lived.

It started like any other day in the hospital. Priscilla whistled nonchalantly.

As soon as the funeral started, Bobbi-Jo took a long sip of her cappuccino.

Someone had invited a chimpanzee to Thanksgiving. Anthony knew what to do.

When Clara arrived at Easter, everyone stared in disbelief.

The wolf was on the prowl. Rick tried to remain calm.

The living room was deserted.

It was a cold, moonlit Thursday night. Gene was at the wax museum.

There had never been a broker quite like Laura-May Young, and she knew it.

Steve was suprised to be floating.

It was a typical afternoon in Australia. Elaine went over the plan.

Billie could feel her life slipping away.

Sciffiena leaned into the wind.

It was a warm evening. Johnny enjoyed the feeling of anticipation as he led the explorer into the classroom.

Angel had never been to the lake. He hoped for a miracle.

Shane opened the door to the cloakroom. He whistled nonchalantly.

When Jeremy opened the door Mrs. Hill looked up from her work.

Alice hoped that Bobbie-Sue was open-minded.

Angela could tell that Dolores was despairing. She opened the door to the sauna.

Duane knew that no one was coming to his party.

Sidney walked into the chapel and looked at Melvin. "You make me dance," he said.

After spending a night trapped in the mine, Francisco was relieved to see his boss.

As soon as Christmas started, Stacey smiled knowingly.

Marshall was flying. He smiled.

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