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Random Opening Lines (x 100)

Ruth could see that Gloria was a chicken sexer. She tried not to smile.

The bird had escaped. Sally tried to remain calm.

There had never been a torturer quite like Alberto Taylor, and he knew it.

For as long as Shannon could remember, she'd wanted to be a tax collector.

When Eleanor arrived at Easter, everyone rushed to see her.

Joann hoped that Dorothy was regimental.

Krisiurg Loveworm raised his fist.

When Helen arrived at her funeral, Jessica laughed.

Terri was angry that no one was coming to her wedding.

On Saturday, Mathew always made progress.

Raul opened the door to the cloakroom. He could not believe what he saw.

Stacey buttoned up her jacket. It was going to be a momentous night.

Curtis could see that Jim was vulnerable. He opened the door to the conservatory.

The sound of dogs barking made Rita laugh.

The lobby was deserted.

Cory could see that the panda was spirited.

As soon as the funeral started, Alice put down her plate.

Samantha staggered in the darkness. The walls were ice-cold.

After spending a night in hell, Tony was relieved to see his boss.

It was a long way to the bay. Jason stopped and took a sip of his Gatorade.

It was a quiet morning down by the water.

Dave had never been to the waterfall. He snapped his fingers.

The music coming from the pantry made Steve hopeful.

Marian whistled nonchalantly.

Gilaoz leaned into the wind.

"Dare to dream," Constance told herself as she waited at the mall.

A sense of mystery was in the air. Mathew looked at the time.

Diane put down the candy-bar carefully.

When Tyler opened the door Mrs. Lee looked up from her book.

When Claudia arrived at Thanksgiving, Georgia fainted.

When Toni arrived at her grand opening, Katherine booed her.

Samantha was suprised to be free.

Casey was at the skateboard park. He had a stapler in his hand.

Shelly opened the door to the lobby. She checked her reflection.

The pilot opened the door, and led Laura inside.

Carmen knew that Pearl was cantakerous.

It was a damp September afternoon. Carrie was under the mountain.

Ruth walked into the lounge room and looked at Andre. "You make me giggle," she said.

Theresa had invited a court jester to her wedding. She knew what to do.

Going to the sea was a good idea. Clara wanted a cigarette.

When the sun rose, Lydia knew it was time to move on.

Anita opened the door to the sauna. She had dreamed of this moment.

For as long as Willie could remember, he'd wanted to be a chauffeur.

It started like any other night in the museum. Amber straightened her hair.

The sound of the waterfall made Kirk want to cry.

Lord Todd was in one of his moods.

Lady Bexvale was eating in the office.

It was a typical afternoon in the food court. Carl took a long sip of his coffee.

Aaron was relieved that everyone was coming to his grand opening.

When Jenny opened the door Mr. Washington looked up from his work.

If the brewer didn't arrive soon, Jerome didn't know what he would do.

Someone had invited a hippopotamus to Easter. Tom knew the fun was about to begin.

As soon as the party started, Melanie closed her eyes and took a drag on her cigarette.

Brett could feel his heart beating.

When Felicia arrived at her funeral, Diana stared in disbelief.

It was a quiet afternoon down by the river.

Frances was jumping. She went over the plan.

Eliza-Jane sucked her teeth.

Brandy could see that the historian was humorous.

Jim-Bob could see that Jay was stupefied.

Lucy knew that the raccoon was appalled.

Ramona walked into the garage and looked at Erin. "You make me cold," she said.

Cynthia was the best chief of police in town.

There had never been a construction worker quite like Mary-Beth Coleman, and she knew it.

Smoke was in the air. Clyde opened the door.

Julie was delighted to be alone.

Ted had invited a fly to his wedding. He knew it wouldn't end well.

"Just try not to cry," Bessie told herself as she waited at the gate.

Floyd put down the kite nervously.

When Ruben opened the door Mrs. Wright looked up from her book.

When rain stopped, Samantha knew it was time to move on.

Stanley could see that Tony was a firefighter. He tried not to worry.

Bourn arose from slumber.

Allan opened the door to the guest room. He cracked open another beer.

Lucille fumbled in the gloom. The walls were ice-cold.

Going to the sea was a bad idea. Elizabeth buttoned up her jacket.

After spending a night in hell, Gordon was relieved to see his husband.

The music coming from the living room made Byron uneasy.

The sound of screaming children made Rodney want to cry.

Judith wiped the sweat from her brow.

Gabriel could not hear anything.

For as long as Mary could remember, she'd wanted to be a construction worker.

Juanita felt that the ninja was desolate.

If the pickpocket didn't arrive soon, Kristin didn't know what she would do.

Stacey had never been to the mountain. She questioned her plan.

Linda could see that Eleanor was certain.

The bear was on the loose. Martha knew exactly what to do.

Trisuan Willdevil raised his shield.

It was a bitter, endless Thursday night. Cindy was in the bomb-shelter.

"You can do this," Leo told himself as he waited in the closet.

Anna opened the door to the outhouse. The odour was surprisingly pleasant.

On Sunday, Clinton always made muffins.

Francis could tell that Jorge was malicious. He opened the door to the kitchen.

Lady Lori was reading in the wardrobe.

Someone had invited a monkey to the wedding. Arthur knew it wouldn't end well.

Tyrone had come to the liferaft alone. He was here to meet the sniper.

Bruce knew that the panda was criminal.

Eugene shrugged. It was going to be a fantastic night.

Freddie walked into the waiting room and glanced at Kristin. "You make me nervous," he said.

As soon as Christmas started, Barbara smiled knowingly.

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