disclaimer: The text generated is random, based on templates and lists. Some will be silly, some might even be offensive (not intentionally, just unanticipated word combinations). Sometimes there are gender-specific terms. Please, use your own judgement and filter or change as necessary for your purposes. Use whatever inspires you!

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Random Occupation+trait (x 500)

A Smiling Sage

A Soft DJ

A Forgetful Undertaker

A Pathetic Pirate

A Patient Court Jester

A Tall Geologist

A Possessive Sleuth

A Dynamic Playwright

A Genuine Record Producer

A Fanciful Translator

A Dull Boatbuilder

An Impudent Bandit

A Wronged Manicurist

An Overimaginative Firefighter

A Fatalistic Bonecarver

A Neurotic Assassin

A Persuasive Navigator

An Expedient Executioner

A Slow Librarian

An Argumentative Cheesemaker

A Greedy Thief

An Easy Weaver

A Narrow-minded Shop Assistant

An Earthy Screenwriter

A Tidy Yak Herder

A Studious Rat Catcher

A Resentful Fraudster

A High-spirited Sound Technician

A Wonderful Conductor

A Vague Magician

A Reserved Butcher

An at Ease Bank Robber

A Muddle-headed Astronaut

A Pained Cheesemaker

A Bewildered Programmer

A Cheerful Accountant

An Uncaring Cameraman

An Abrasive Farmer

An Empathetic Mobster

An Enervated Crook

A Forceful Taxi-driver

A Stoic Archaeologist

A Patriotic Dogcatcher

A Hedonistic Builder

A Conceited Busker

A Short Beggar

A High-spirited Scientist

A Callous Astronaut

A Gullible Hunter

A Weak Ventriloquist

A Passive Sniper

A Disconcerting Tailor

A Petty Baker

An Experimental Impersonator

A Fanciful Soldier

A Hard Working Paleontologist

An Insightful Shop Assistant

A Crude Antique Dealer

A Dull Magistrate

A Timid Marine

A Fatalistic Teacher

An Amazed Chicken Sexer

A Fuming Banker

An Unpleasant Butler

A Busy Security Guard

A Monstrous Veterinarian

A Distracted Bureaucrat

An Irritated Manicurist

A Perplexed Boatbuilder

An Insensitive Tattooist

An Appreciative Salesperson

A Crude Baker

A Disappointed Model

A Disinterested Pickpocket

A Hefty Plumber

A Fatigued Air Traffic Controller

A Provoked Pirate

A Funny Trapper

An Emotional Detective

An Unappreciative Rat Catcher

A False Florist

An Escapist Bureaucrat

A Narrow-minded Butler

A Crafty Priest

A Snoopy Actor

An Understanding Sage

A Patient Geologist

A Courageous Pharmacist

An Impulsive Yak Herder

A Solitary Sniper

A Weary Waiter

A Thievish Janitor

A Selfish Customs Officer

An Impressionable Gardener

A Blunt Cosmonaut

A Persuasive Priest

A Submissive Astronaut

A Fatalistic Undertaker

A Devious Librarian

A Prudent Thief

A Self-indulgent Butcher

A Cute Jeweler

A Casual Chef

A Distracted Teacher

A Haughty Doctor

An Inferior Clerk

An Easy Composer

A Lovely Rat Catcher

A Neurotic Chemist

An Ordinary Undertaker

A Responsible Beggar

A Sordid Spy

A Despicable Diplomat

An Amazing Guitarist

A Resentful Philanthropist

A Trustworthy Carver

A Sensitive Sculptor

A Solitary Violinist

A Reflective Hotelier

An Offensive Wizard

A Competitive Fishmonger

A Cross Plumber

A Disinterested Air Traffic Controller

A Leisurely Juggler

A Mannered Gate-keeper

A Tortured Criminal

A Reactionary Factory Worker

A Kind Dentist

A Desperate Artist

An Amazing Chief of Police

A Doubtful Scout

An Understanding Matador

A Distracted Paleontologist

An Unhappy Technician

An Unbelieving Marshal

A Complacent Ditch Digger

A Lustful Fisher

A Stoic Wedding Planner

An Extraordinary Pharmacist

A Lying Ninja

An Egocentric Bonecarver

A Leisurely Artist

A Wronged Sculptor

A Delighted Tax Collector

A Fatigued Brewer

An Amiable Photographer

An Extreme Courier

A Practical Imam

A Hearty Singer

A Preoccupied Evangelist

A Tortured Innkeeper

A Crying Receptionist

A Strong-willed Bank Robber

A Dutiful Judge

An Extravagant Mathematician

A Useless Ventriloquist

An Inert Silversmith

A Mystical Private Detective

A Tactless Pirate

A Wealthy Weaver

A Disloyal Guru

A Stylish Assassin

An Indulgent Court Jester

An Idiosyncratic Florist

An Intelligent Customs Officer

An Ignorant Translator

A Grand Medic

A Decisive Hypnotist

A Mealymouthed Manager

An Inflamed Choreographer

A Surprising Shaman

A Competitive Gladiator

An Affectionate Sheepshearer

A Contemptible Sleuth

A Funny Cook

A Grief Salesperson

An Obsessive Guitarist

A Trembling Gate-keeper

A Barbaric Juggler

An Indifferent Evangelist

A Romantic Bandit

An Insincere Editor

A Malicious Chauffeur

A Hefty Butcher

A Misguided Sleuth

A Sordid Lawyer

A Perverse Hunter

A Conciliatory Explorer

An Unappreciative Fraudster

An Offensive Ornithologist

An Upset Historian

A Miserable Veterinarian

A Lonely Surgeon

A Tactless Manicurist

An Impressive Physician

A Troublesome Technician

A Placid Shipwright

A Fiery Assassin

A Disciplined Plumber

An Unimaginative Magician

A Fortunate Game Show Host

A Vivacious Butcher

A Quirky Undertaker

A Weak Scout

A Stern Deputy

An Unlucky Pilot

A Helpless Yodeler

A Presumptuous Burglar

A Touchy Taxidermist

An Unlovable Sheepshearer

A Trustworthy Cook

A Fearful Gondolier

A Well-rounded Builder

A Cowardly Beekeeper

A Devoted Diver

A Brilliant Bartender

A Brutal Bank Robber

A Charming Detective

A Bizarre Chimney-sweep

A Grim Principal

A Bitter Surgeon

A Hidebound Knight

A Superficial Photographer

An Intense Chef

A Sure Taxi-driver

A Regimental Lifeguard

A Serene Ventriloquist

A Lucky Gladiator

A Gullible Beautician

A Wonderful Bricklayer

A Rowdy Security Guard

A Sharing Sheriff

A Solemn Carpenter

A Willful Hunter

A Grieved Monk

A Chummy Missionary

An Abrupt Real Estate Agent

A Thorough Clerk

A Fawning Poet

A Debonair Bureaucrat

A Neurotic Greengrocer

A Witty Gondolier

An Encouraged Pastor

A Casual Game Show Host

An Arrogant Broker

A Fiery Shipwright

A Weird Doctor

A Lonely Pirate

An Open-minded Printer

A Romantic Chef

A Skeptical Candlemaker

A Difficult Clockmaker

An Unappreciative Violinist

A Softheaded Exotic Dancer

A Soft Editor

A Lovely Taxidermist

A Petty Beggar

A Distrustful Exterminator

A Circumspect Archer

A Stoic Cartoonist

An Unstable Tailor

A Clean Archaeologist

A Weary Boatbuilder

A Caring Fortune-teller

A Poor Director

A Self-critical Assassin

A Lovable Cook

A Strong-willed Lifeguard

An Irrational Illustrator

A Shortsighted Philanthropist

A Sentimental Criminal

A Precise Bank Robber

A Disrespectful Police Officer

An Opportunistic Miner

A Skinny Impersonator

A Loyal Psychiatrist

A Generous Programmer

A Disloyal Chemist

A Cultured Technician

A Leisurely Private Detective

A Disciplined Salesperson

A Driven Fisher

A Private Hotelier

An Unfriendly Artist

A High-minded Minister

A Punctual Hypnotist

A Power-hungry Blacksmith

An Empty Stonecutter

A Fashionable Gravedigger

A Fuming Goatherd

A Pained Radiologist

A Frisky Torturer

A Spontaneous Executioner

A Provocative Firefighter

A Big-thinking Exterminator

A Criminal Reporter

A Cerebral Salesperson

An Unpredicatable Model

An Irreverent Paramedic

A Lucky Crook

A Contemplative Navigator

An Unlovable Lumberjack

A Maternal Writer

A Dismayed Tax Collector

A Shy Cab Driver

An Ignorant Peddlar

A Bewildered Jeweler

A Tasteful Missionary

An Apathetic Weaver

An Unpatriotic Violinist

A Bland Beggar

A Romantic Scout

A Deceitful Medic

A Sharing Beekeeper

A Steady Pirate

A Sarcastic Surgeon

A Devoted Deputy

A Laughing Welder

A Scheming Messenger

A Kind Illustrator

An Enthusiastic Clown

An Understanding Drummer

An Irreligious Fraudster

A Wise Shepherd

A Coarse Dictator

An Upright Secretary

A Dull Assassin

An Enigmatic Dietician

A Cooperative Bodyguard

A Jolly Trapper

A Predatory Cook

An Escapist Tax Collector

A Suspicious Astronaut

A Discourteous Flight Attendant

A Certain Truck Driver

A Ticklish Veterinarian

An Inferior Scout

A Clear-headed Chauffeur

A Humorous Mayor

A Beautiful Dictator

A Money-minded Missionary

A Despicable Writer

A Disappointed Herald

A Personable Butcher

An Original Magician

An Insensitive Exotic Dancer

A Liberal Matador

An Inconsiderate Janitor

An Unbelieving Court Jester

A Sexy Bodyguard

An Inspired Trapper

A Prim Air Traffic Controller

An Amoral Spin Doctor

An Interested Beggar

A Playful Editor

A Puritanical Gate-keeper

An Intelligent Mason

A Bright Governor

A Pleased Police Officer

An Inhibited Shipwright

A Sulky Swimmer

An Amazed Tailor

A Forgiving Miner

A Perceptive Cartoonist

A Selfish Tax Collector

A Transparent Baker

An Apathetic Private Detective

A Persuasive Technician

A Determined Swineherd

A Romantic Nanny

A Joyous Soldier

A Political Detective

A Sensual Programmer

A Cultured Referee

A Confidential Publisher

A Funny Mayor

An Honest Monk

A Big-thinking Shipwright

A Sarcastic Animal Trainer

A Sulky Chauffeur

A Lousy Violinist

An Independent Pastor

A Daring Wizard

An Indifferent Surgeon

A Presumptuous Ventriloquist

A Poor Sniper

A Hardworking Lumberjack

A Tenacious Winemaker

A Discontented Private Detective

An Upset Musician

A Paralyzed Gravedigger

An Unrestrained Jailer

A Religious Pilot

A Pained Swimming Coach

A Mistaken Publisher

A Plodding Interrogator

A Crass Historian

A Competitive Optometrist

A Ritualistic Swordsmith

A Fraudulent Graphic Artist

A Hearty Gardener

A Sulky Factory Worker

A Sly Knight

A Tragic Mobster

A Rational Teacher

An Inoffensive Cheesemaker

A Ruined Diver

A Dynamic Beekeeper

A Sore Physician

A Gallant Mortician

A Nonchalant Hairdresser

An Unambitious Medic

A Frivolous Lawyer

A Formal Sailor

A Smiling Philanthropist

A Crying Barista

A Neutral Sleuth

A Fickle Swimming Coach

A Sharing Botanist

A Precise Sculptor

A Lovable Composer

A Ticklish Translator

A Playful Archer

A Rejected Merchant

A Cultured Entertainer

A Contradictory Wizard

A Satisfied Director

A Comfortable Private Detective

An Unsentimental Truck Driver

A Simple Lawyer

An Athletic Farmer

An Oppressed Ambassador

A Wishful Explorer

A Zany Clockmaker

An Intuitive Butcher

A Merry Herbalist

A Pained Computer Programmer

A Smiling Professor

A Lustful Soldier

A Bitter Beekeeper

A Focused Clown

A Pure Percussionist

A Faithless Minister

A Sarcastic Brewer

A Clean Cosmonaut

An Intelligent Taxidermist

A Stoic Sound Technician

A Perplexed Exotic Dancer

An One-dimensional Interrogator

An Irritable Dressmaker

A Protective Guitarist

A Complex Interpreter

A Monstrous Lighthouse-keeper

A Neutral Waiter

A Rebellious Conductor

A Crazy Cameraman

An Inconsiderate Candlemaker

A Wary Veterinarian

A Fanatical Firefighter

A Flexible Singer

A Businesslike Musician

A Regretful Farmer

A Conscientious Journalist

A Prejudiced Cartoonist

A Cooperative Researcher

A Grim Model

A Jubilant Graphic Artist

An Obedient Dentist

An Irreligious Comedian

A Humiliated Rabbi

A Cute Carver

A Contemplative Nanny

A Dishonest Athlete

An Invulnerable Librarian

A Fiery Sage

A Hearty Shop Assistant

A Self-conscious Evangelist

A Sore Taxi-driver

A Quirky Clown

An Ignorant Meteorologist

A Shy Clerk

An Articulate Thief

A Disorganized Technician

A Debonair Dentist

An Offensive Geologist

A Blunt Flight Attendant

An Enervated Researcher

A Hearty Astronaut

A Poor Police Officer

An Unpleasant Brewer

A Melancholic Mathematician

A False Dancer

A Forthright Gate-keeper

A Driven Yak Herder

A Fanciful Principal

A Self-reliant Screenwriter

An Uninhibited Writer

An at Ease Yodeler

A Wonderful Air Traffic Controller

A Self-critical Physicist

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