disclaimer: The text generated is random, based on templates and lists. Some will be silly, some might even be offensive (not intentionally, just unanticipated word combinations). Sometimes there are gender-specific terms. Please, use your own judgement and filter or change as necessary for your purposes. Use whatever inspires you!

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Random Occupation+trait (x 500)

A Pompous Flight Attendant

A Compassionate Comedian

An Obedient Swimmer

A Sophisticated Clown

A Selfless Thief

A Discouraged Burglar

A Tormented Mercenary

A Skeptical Bank Robber

An Irreligious Welder

A Humble Hotelier

A Self-sufficent Astronaut

A Predatory Nurse

A Profound Sailor

A Noncommittal Barber

A Nosy Hunter

A Repressed Wedding Planner

A Scornful Burglar

An Irreverent Locksmith

A Contemplative Shepherd

An Alienated Clown

A Tense Dogcatcher

A Humiliated Physician

A Wise Firefighter

An Emotional Busker

An Insensitive Carver

A Flamboyant Peddlar

A Circumspect Sheriff

A Resentful Taxidermist

An Infuriated Swimmer

A Quiet Dressmaker

A Neglectful Author

A Strict Salesperson

A Jubilant Jeweler

A Forthright Radiologist

A Discourteous Farmer

A Helpless Fraudster

An Antisocial Butcher

An Intense Beautician

A Steadfast Pharmacist

A Mechanical Mechanic

A Receptive Sniper

A Confused Fortune-teller

A Kind Wizard

A Complex Model

An Artful Percussionist

An Amazed Veterinarian

An Infatuated Navigator

An Unlucky Barista

An Extraordinary Assassin

An Ecstatic Police Officer

A Melancholic Butler

An Objective Cook

A Graceless Physician

An Offhand Dentist

A Dominating Burglar

A Threatened Air Traffic Controller

A Slow Composer

A Repentant Matador

A Wonderful Soldier

A Solemn Shop Assistant

An Impractical Drummer

A Bitter Pickpocket

A Terrible Electrician

A Brutal Monk

A Contemptible Cameraman

A Tough Psychiatrist

A Vivacious Swordsmith

A Self-conscious Stunt Double

A Strict Cartoonist

A Tragic Plumber

A Casual Sound Technician

An Earthy Ornithologist

A Bizarre Pilot

An Irreverent Truck Driver

A Well-read Chief of Police

A Cold Pastor

A Physical Chauffeur

A Realistic Bandit

A Well-meaning Cook

An Energetic Guard

A Discontented Journalist

An Infatuated Paramedic

An Irrational Fashion Designer

A Worked Up Detective

A Decadent Dietician

A Dignified Innkeeper

A Ticklish Nanny

An Uncomplaining Plumber

A Moody Barista

An Eager Social Worker

An Articulate Chemist

A Sophisticated Private Detective

An Unfathomable Spy

A Courteous Choreographer

A Purposeful Pickpocket

A Stylish Spelunker

A Weak Engineer

A Negativistic Electrician

A Nervous Cartoonist

A Smiling Referee

A Moralistic Construction Worker

A Blunt Pirate

An Odd Court Jester

An Alienated Psychiatrist

An Innovative Courier

A Surprising Sheriff

A Misguided Guard

A Mellow Criminal

An Irreverent Radiologist

A Painstaking Hunter

An Abrupt Beggar

A Foolish Knight

A Deep Entertainer

A Sore Manicurist

An Extreme Pickpocket

An Agreeable Clerk

A Noncompetitive Nurse

A Keen Photographer

A Charming Burglar

A Delighted Security Guard

A Bored Mathematician

A Rational Assassin

An Offended Student

A Suave Peddlar

A Meddlesome Pirate

A Self-reliant Percussionist

A Realistic Florist

An Irresponsible Doctor

A Fixed Author

A Bold Optometrist

A Methodical Mechanic

A Regimental Dancer

A Cross Interpreter

A Hungry Police Officer

An Irritated Diplomat

A Difficult Crook

A Jolly Artist

A Hypnotic Stunt Double

A Spirited Clockmaker

A Secure Pickpocket

An Inert Juggler

A Good-natured Librarian

An Irritable Pilot

A Brave Candlemaker

An Appreciative Chief of Police

A Preoccupied Mobster

A Solemn Beekeeper

A Driven Police Officer

An Amazing Guide

An Educated Taxidermist

A Depressed Goatherd

A Passive Tax Collector

A Calm Priest

An Incorruptible Merchant

A Hurt Burglar

An Appalled Engineer

An Easy Assassin

A Secure Saxophonist

A Childish Magician

A Cold Factory Worker

A Fanatical Brewer

A Discontented Hunter

A Closed off Gravedigger

A Tall Game Show Host

A Messy Broker

A Weak Webmaster

An Apathetic Animal Trainer

A Groovy Nanny

A Contemplative Busker

A Ready Mason

A Despicable Waiter

An Excitable Blacksmith

A Cold Tax Collector

An Unhealthy Mechanic

A Pure Guard

A Quiet Veterinarian

A Messy Torturer

A Clean Customs Officer

An Unsure Monk

An Easy Dentist

A Confidential Receptionist

An Offhand Politician

A Kind Nurse

A Regimental Drug Dealer

A Muddle-headed Soldier

A Lying Geologist

A Bizarre Gravedigger

A Persuasive Construction Worker

A Loving Philanthropist

A Provocative Dictator

A Prudent Game Show Host

A Moody Athlete

A Desolate Mechanic

An Inert Sniper

An Easy Sailor

A Tactless Detective

A Dejected Journalist

A Complaining Hypnotist

A Discontented Court Jester

A Hedonistic Editor

A Coarse Mobster

A Monstrous Scout

An Opinionated Drug Dealer

A Dignified Cameraman

A Paralyzed Fishmonger

A Suave Manicurist

An Ordinary Busker

A Fuming Innkeeper

An Understanding Zookeeper

A Dull Cartoonist

A Tenacious Composer

A Wary Barber

A Sanctimonious Secretary

An Oppressed Carver

An Enigmatic Carpenter

A Disrespectful Hunter

A Repressed Brewer

An Enthusiastic Thief

A Tearful Interrogator

A Sensitive Shop Assistant

An Ambitious Politician

A Deep Referee

A Phlegmatic Personal Trainer

An Amusing Antique Dealer

A False Archer

A Moralistic Psychiatrist

A Weak-willed Translator

A Bitter Courier

A Hedonistic Magistrate

A Balanced Engineer

A Nervous Technician

A Selfish Drug Dealer

A Fuming Scout

A Tasteless Private Detective

A Fashionable Chauffeur

An Amiable Tattooist

A Studious Knight

An Upset Wizard

An Extraordinary Astronaut

A Pessimistic Governor

An Antisocial Fraudster

A Responsive Barista

A Disruptive Manicurist

A Charmless Fishmonger

A Crying Florist

An Articulate Dogcatcher

A Cooperative Bartender

A Pretentious Diver

A Fatalistic Cook

A Fun-loving Psychiatrist

A Tearful Wizard

A Conformist Lumberjack

A Timid Programmer

A Weak Merchant

A Funky Shaman

A Worried Astronaut

A Cruel Swordsmith

A Presumptuous Tailor

A Romantic Translator

A Stoic Chief of Police

A Lazy Fashion Designer

A Dissatisfied Librarian

A Captivating Ventriloquist

A Sadistic Principal

A Restrained Tax Collector

A Vivacious Bartender

An Indulgent Lifeguard

A Hopeful Nurse

An Empathetic Bandit

A Sensual Cook

A Treacherous Diver

A Ridiculous Drummer

An Eager Explorer

A Respectful Bureaucrat

A Grim Truck Driver

An Expedient Private Detective

A Shy Assassin

A Discreet Carpenter

A Fortunate Beekeeper

A Lonely Real Estate Agent

An Insensitive Antique Dealer

An Infuriated Candlemaker

A Dejected Guitarist

A Mystical Pastor

A Purposeful Radiologist

A Rigid Stunt Double

A Discontented Sound Technician

A Clear-headed Blacksmith

A Blunt Busker

A Panicked Zookeeper

An Uncomplaining Technician

A Trustworthy Guru

An Agreeable Judge

A Possessive Surgeon

An Abrasive Merchant

A Dismayed Hotelier

A Well-rounded Beekeeper

A Disrespectful Chef

A Barbaric Librarian

A Crude Social Worker

An Indifferent Illustrator

A Neglectful Interior Designer

A Forceful Matador

A Resourceful Photographer

An Energetic Winemaker

A Subtle Plumber

A Malicious DJ

A Crass Printer

A Secure Meteorologist

A Joyous Firefighter

A Cantakerous Physicist

A Zany Dogcatcher

A Trustworthy Police Officer

A Noncompetitive Inventor

A Busy Tailor

A Confidential Chemist

A Vacuous Plumber

A Stable Barber

A Phlegmatic Fashion Designer

An Articulate DJ

A Thievish Chauffeur

A Mawkish Model

A Charismatic Surgeon

A Humiliated Mobster

A Self-indulgent Clockmaker

An Amusing Pickpocket

A Resentful Hunter

A Blissful Bandit

A Careless Farmer

A Surprised Wizard

A Haughty Violinist

An Unimaginative Illustrator

A Trusting Writer

A Fascinated Butcher

A Happy Philanthropist

A Discourteous Bonecarver

A Fashionable Drug Dealer

A Positive Dentist

A Busy Impersonator

An Earnest Entrepreneur

A Determined Ninja

An Inflamed Dressmaker

A Provoked Welder

A Reactive Athlete

An Extreme Guru

A Self-reliant Fortune-teller

A Clumsy Barista

An Overjoyed Coach

A Moralistic Gardener

A Despairing Dancer

A Steady Clockmaker

A Prim Police Officer

An Alienated Navigator

A Distracted Wizard

An Unfathomable Bonecarver

A Whimsical Hypnotist

A Hefty Cosmonaut

A Lifeless Guard

A Nonchalant Waiter

A Greedy Pickpocket

A Fashionable Dictator

A Possessive Judge

An Annoyed Philanthropist

A Scared Scientist

A Forthright Assassin

A Barbaric DJ

A Punctual Candlemaker

A Personable Magician

An Opportunistic Ornithologist

A Ticklish Farmer

A Domineering Peddlar

A Glamorous Police Officer

A Conservative Social Worker

An Indifferent Broker

An Assertive Stunt Double

A Suspicious Trapper

An Earthy Accountant

A Graceless Tax Collector

A Troublesome Journalist

A Selfish Fraudster

A Winning Park Ranger

A Dissatisfied Geologist

A Disorderly Innkeeper

A Benevolent Plumber

An Abrasive Cook

A Ritualistic Shepherd

A Delighted Baker

A Hateful Secretary

A Fanciful Politician

A Ruined Assassin

A Resourceful Marshal

A Confused Sailor

A Vindictive Executioner

An Excitable Inventor

An Airy Antique Dealer

An Impressionable Park Ranger

A Tolerant Bureaucrat

A Sympathetic Brewer

A Stupefied Social Worker

A Vacuous Florist

A Stable Ninja

A Guilty Builder

An Unpredicatable Bank Robber

A Boisterous Manicurist

A Keen Webmaster

A Snoopy Shepherd

A Tender Bodyguard

An Easily Discouraged Firefighter

A Trembling Gladiator

A Discontented Garbage Collector

A Skinny Sculptor

A Clean Game Show Host

A Winning Fortune-teller

A Dogmatic Minister

A Funny Butler

A Panicked Assassin

A Flexible Spin Doctor

A Predictable Chauffeur

A Prim Dogcatcher

A Bitter Photographer

An Injured Dancer

A Complaining Cheesemaker

An Appreciative Mobster

An Obsessive Lifeguard

An Insulting Scout

A Dissatisfied Explorer

A Snoopy Physicist

A Distracted Electrician

A Boisterous Baker

A Courteous Undertaker

A Rejected Nurse

A Frustrated Captain

A Narrow-minded Stunt Double

An Uneasy Spy

A Haughty Chicken Sexer

A Lost Dentist

A Disillusioned Juggler

A Nervous Diver

A Terrified Locksmith

A Businesslike Pirate

An Easy Mayor

A Captivating Paleontologist

A Distressed Social Worker

A Prudent Jeweler

An Admirable Ninja

A Sociable Chauffeur

An Aggressive Optometrist

A Trembling Sound Technician

A Morbid Referee

A Charismatic Watchmaker

A Rational Swimmer

A Pugnacious Translator

A Mechanical Professor

A Restrained Stunt Double

A Peaceful Janitor

A Businesslike Sniper

A Distressed Bandit

A Vulnerable Security Guard

A Fatalistic Cosmonaut

A Festive Barista

An Articulate Sailor

A Small-thinking Philanthropist

An Uneasy Director

A Dramatic Radiologist

A Reliable Dentist

A Dedicated Swimmer

A Driven Swordsmith

A Cheating Secretary

A Confused Doctor

An Irritable Carpenter

A Hypnotic Poet

A Sympathetic Bonecarver

An Arbitrary Yak Herder

A Jolly Sailor

An Agonizing Entertainer

A Pained Florist

A Wary Locksmith

A Noncompetitive Waiter

An Extravagant Interior Designer

A Mellow Sleuth

A Flexible Salesperson

A Worked Up Chauffeur

A Liberated Impersonator

A Calm Missionary

A Crying Poet

A Hesitant Fortune-teller

A Fearful Sniper

A Cute Pharmacist

A Bored Criminal

A Puritanical Chicken Sexer

An Irreligious Dentist

A Healthy Oracle

An Unprincipled Private Detective

A Bitter Nanny

A Driven Surgeon

A Free and Easy Salesperson

A Stupid Butler

A Loving Manager

A Conscientious Reporter

A Circumspect Tax Collector

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