disclaimer: The text generated is random, based on templates and lists. Some will be silly, some might even be offensive (not intentionally, just unanticipated word combinations). Sometimes there are gender-specific terms. Please, use your own judgement and filter or change as necessary for your purposes. Use whatever inspires you!

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Random Occupation+trait (x 500)

A Neutral Terrorist

An Unprincipled Gardener

A Precise Navigator

A Willing Swimming Coach

A Lustful Hairdresser

A Clear-headed Sleuth

A Zany Peddlar

A Modern Senator

A Hungry Lifeguard

A Brittle Medic

A Tense Stunt Double

A Contemptible Drug Dealer

A Weak-willed Scout

A Hardworking Clown

A Patriotic Bartender

A Prudent Guard

An Absentminded Taxi-driver

A Tenacious Cosmonaut

A Studious Surgeon

An Ordinary Firefighter

A Rebellious Optometrist

A Shaky Manager

A Cautious Park Ranger

A Punctual Librarian

An Organized Gardener

An Intrigued Oracle

A Hearty Cameraman

A Jubilant Veterinarian

A Fatigued Jailer

An Aggressive Gravedigger

An Invulnerable Security Guard

A Lovely DJ

A Helpless Florist

A Discourteous Pirate

An Unstable Game Show Host

A Casual Spy

An Unsure Painter

An Unhappy Guru

A Cheerful Scientist

A Vindictive Chemist

An Outspoken Lifeguard

A Hurried Percussionist

A Neat Construction Worker

A Nonchalant Barber

A Disrespectful Saxophonist

A Dismayed Judge

A Sulky Explorer

A Crafty Ditch Digger

An Uncharitable Torturer

A Fatalistic Choreographer

A Tasteless Scout

A Wealthy Burglar

An Uncertain Fortune-teller

An Idiosyncratic Hairdresser

An Outrageous Taxidermist

A Narrow-minded Programmer

A Reactionary Blacksmith

An Unbelieving Student

A Dependent Interior Designer

A Contemplative Cook

A Helpless Beautician

A Mature Bodyguard

A Self-conscious Chemist

A Delighted Nurse

A Prudent Criminal

A Cold Dentist

An Empathetic Dogcatcher

A Doubtful Antique Dealer

A Sensitive Bonecarver

A Persuasive Professor

An Excited Geologist

A Deceptive Surgeon

A Frugal Dietician

A Neat Spin Doctor

An Ordinary Painter

A Gullible Athlete

A Tidy Photographer

A Sentimental Veterinarian

An Outspoken Beekeeper

A Stubborn Teacher

A Stoic Welder

A Competitive Deputy

A Tactless Garbage Collector

An Authoritarian Lifeguard

An Efficient Bandit

A Lazy Writer

A Puritanical Surgeon

A Disinterested Bonecarver

An Alert Jailer

A Hardworking Philanthropist

A Gracious Shepherd

An Educated Drummer

A Determined Botanist

An Inconsiderate Busker

A Precise Fishmonger

An Unprincipled Photographer

A Fanciful Drug Dealer

A Gleeful Director

A Courteous DJ

An Amused Swineherd

An Idealistic Magician

A Generous Garbage Collector

An Upset Juggler

A Crazy Psychiatrist

A Self-indulgent Customs Officer

A Bland Paramedic

An Adventurous Entertainer

A Steady Geologist

An Old Terrorist

A Dull Impersonator

A Grand Scientist

A Powerless Bodyguard

A Crass Singer

An Odd Thief

A Sociable Evangelist

A Compassionate Priest

An Articulate Mercenary

A Narrow-minded Interrogator

An Inert Chef

A Greedy Security Guard

A Suspicious Sleuth

A Narcissistic Diver

A Distracted Construction Worker

A Contemptible Exterminator

A Confused Dictator

A Depressed Manicurist

A Principled Game Show Host

A Superficial Meteorologist

A Lazy Tailor

A Reserved Truck Driver

An Agonized Model

A Fatigued Chimney-sweep

An Invulnerable Fortune-teller

A Sanctimonious Bandit

A Liberal Illustrator

A Rational Sheepshearer

A Miserable Medic

An Astigmatic Archer

A Passive Thief

A Power-hungry Teacher

A Disrespectful Cartoonist

A Smiling Guitarist

An Intuitive Chauffeur

A Dignified Wedding Planner

An Honorable Winemaker

An Odd Student

A Focused Navigator

A Selfless Model

A Brittle Busker

A Dedicated Chimney-sweep

A Quirky Scientist

A Receptive Mortician

A Moralistic Fashion Designer

A Persuasive Gladiator

A Muddle-headed Entertainer

An Amused DJ

An Obedient Blacksmith

A Skeptical Captain

A Free and Easy Detective

A Courteous Soldier

A Nihilistic Truck Driver

A Cultured Social Worker

An Aggressive Juggler

A Mystical Drug Dealer

A Tense Exterminator

A Cruel Barber

An Intrigued Bank Robber

A Skillful Salesperson

A Discreet Mayor

An Outspoken Detective

A Disrespectful Mobster

A Restrained Chauffeur

A Self-conscious Broker

A Frustrated Deputy

A Spontaneous Undertaker

A Plodding Busker

A Muddle-headed Bureaucrat

A Busy Dogcatcher

A Stiff Farmer

An Uncaring Dictator

A Satisfied Gravedigger

A Devoted Captain

An Obsessive Police Officer

A Skillful Explorer

A Sexy Beggar

A Well-meaning Teacher

An Irresponsible Air Traffic Controller

An Apathetic Pickpocket

A Grand Guide

An Unimaginative Chemist

An Alone Busker

A Content Trapper

A Ruined Yak Herder

A Kind Coach

A Hungry Beautician

A Regimental Spelunker

An Alarmed Blacksmith

A Simple Matador

A Perverse Surgeon

A Stern Physicist

A Funny Fishmonger

A Sensitive Guru

A Dynamic Dentist

A Criminal Boatbuilder

An Understanding Swineherd

A Determined Police Officer

An Angry Trapper

A Money-minded Guard

A Disappointed Weaver

A Lying Barber

A Punctual Tailor

A Disobedient Mayor

A Neurotic Detective

A Trendy Beekeeper

A Disorganized Hunter

A Bewildered Builder

A Naive Lumberjack

A Restless Linguist

An Insensitive Police Officer

A Folksy Burglar

A Clever Plumber

A Reflective Park Ranger

A Trembling Assassin

A Brutal Philanthropist

A Moralistic Chemist

A Hungry Fraudster

A Tormented Coroner

A Realistic Detective

A Gloomy Sleuth

A Fawning Herald

An Apathetic Captain

A Private Magistrate

A Compassionate Chicken Sexer

An Easy Clown

A Crying Court Jester

An Amoral Scientist

A Regimental Lawyer

A Sensual Gardener

A Dissonant Impersonator

A Dogmatic Dancer

A Spontaneous Interior Designer

A Forgiving Architect

A Pompous Pianist

A Comfortable Saxophonist

A Touchy Butcher

A Debonair Burglar

An Ugly Chemist

A Wonderful Translator

A Glamorous Soldier

An Ecstatic Detective

An Admirable Tattooist

An Unhealthy Guard

A Handsome Miner

A Dismayed Paramedic

A Pedantic Deputy

A Deceptive Record Producer

A Curious Spy

An Intelligent Gravedigger

A Comfortable Stonecutter

An Ugly Ninja

A Willing Criminal

A Stoic Philanthropist

A Regretful Writer

An Unbelieving Explorer

An at Ease Firefighter

A Lousy Shepherd

A Thankful Taxi-driver

A Sordid Pastor

A Fatalistic Herald

A Plodding Janitor

A Reactionary Butcher

A Lucky Gravedigger

An Inert Principal

A Joyous Dentist

A Humorous Lumberjack

A Shallow Servant

A Fascinated Exotic Dancer

A Familial Tattooist

An Amoral Beggar

A Receptive Clerk

A Pompous Hotelier

An Ashamed Judge

A Suspicious Sound Technician

A Crying Messenger

A Confident Carpenter

An Irresponsible Ninja

A Pleased Baker

A Cowardly Athlete

An Agonized Antique Dealer

A Mawkish Stunt Double

An Abrupt Goldsmith

A Liberated Dancer

A Transparent Monk

A Contradictory Bodyguard

A Sympathetic Guru

A Hypnotic Surgeon

A Ritualistic Sheepshearer

An Obsessive Taxidermist

A Demanding Writer

An Unstable Cook

A Complex Spy

A Clumsy DJ

A Youthful Sound Technician

A Sanctimonious Gardener

A Meddlesome Editor

A Captivating Yodeler

An Intrigued Customs Officer

A Self-sufficent Rat Catcher

A Political Sheepshearer

An Articulate Impersonator

An Unpredicatable Private Detective

A Conciliatory Shipwright

An Unstable Goatherd

An Egocentric Taxidermist

An Oppressed Jockey

A Lonely Pharmacist

A Hefty Teacher

A Smiling Optometrist

A Solitary Chauffeur

A Hopeful Shaman

A Sexy Beekeeper

A Poor Real Estate Agent

A Pretentious Swineherd

An Indulgent Interpreter

A Curious Priest

A Neurotic Thief

An Ordinary Court Jester

A Reactionary Playwright

A Driven Missionary

An Excitable Programmer

A Completely Normal Gladiator

A Dull Shipwright

A Perceptive Shepherd

An Unpredicatable Doctor

A Hesitant Navigator

An Unstable Security Guard

A Realistic Captain

A Tidy Historian

An Unfriendly Physicist

A Disloyal Clown

A Fashionable Paleontologist

A Curious Taxi-driver

A Forgetful Busker

An Athletic Welder

A Decent Judge

A Dramatic Pastor

A Young Butler

An Artful Chauffeur

A Narrow-minded Hairdresser

A Progressive Terrorist

A Trendy Waiter

A Pessimistic Surgeon

An Unimaginative Goldsmith

A Neutral Detective

A Peaceful Cab Driver

An Eager Bonecarver

An One-dimensional Boatbuilder

A Stoic Shepherd

An Athletic Manager

A Snoopy Captain

A Silly Archer

An Embarrassed Professor

A Thrilled Judge

A Doubtful Webmaster

A Conciliatory Criminal

A Forthright Writer

A Strong-willed Gate-keeper

A Unique Bureaucrat

An Airy Astronaut

A Generous Clown

A Forgetful Cartoonist

A Cheating Diver

A Hardy Oracle

A Political Tailor

A Moralistic Lighthouse-keeper

A High-handed Chauffeur

A Compassionate Swineherd

An Irreligious Police Officer

A Crafty Dictator

A Glad Bodyguard

A Slow Beggar

A Warm Diplomat

A Bored Writer

An Elated Pirate

A Wonderful Jeweler

A Distressed Explorer

A Ruined Fishmonger

A Provoked Psychiatrist

A Power-hungry Watchmaker

A Loving Guru

A Short Thief

A Devious Historian

A Touchy Archer

A Forgetful Wizard

An Inquisitive Private Detective

A Neurotic Dictator

A Trustworthy Actor

A Neglectful Dogcatcher

A Confident Real Estate Agent

An Incensed Record Producer

A Quaking Writer

A Receptive Candlemaker

A Perverse Customs Officer

An Incapable Drummer

An Inhibited Chicken Sexer

A Ritualistic Sleuth

A Phlegmatic Sailor

An Unambitious Architect

A Grim Gate-keeper

A Spontaneous Cook

A Bewildered Bandit

A Cooperative Psychiatrist

A Provocative Navigator

An Unsure Carver

A Liberated Torturer

A Morbid Terrorist

A Nosy Dogcatcher

A Disruptive Farmer

An Abrupt Private Detective

A Maternal Cobbler

A Determined Spy

A Self-sufficent Clown

A Vulnerable Gardener

A Thorough Air Traffic Controller

A Prudent Author

A Resourceful Historian

A Conciliatory Butcher

A Power-hungry Dancer

A Paranoid Principal

A Gentle Journalist

A Willing Mechanic

An Enigmatic Photographer

An Apathetic Assassin

A Skillful Librarian

An Unsure Messenger

A Chummy Taxidermist

A Private Engineer

A Rowdy Bandit

A Procrastinating Actor

A Panicked Gravedigger

An Emotional Singer

A Clear-headed Salesperson

An Admirable Conductor

A Ticklish Physician

A Naive Jeweler

An Invulnerable Sheepshearer

An Intelligent Taxi-driver

A Childish Firefighter

A Simple Taxidermist

A Demanding Beekeeper

A Decadent DJ

An Offensive Tax Collector

A Thievish Tailor

A Prejudiced Programmer

A Money-minded Chef

An Enigmatic Captain

A Vivacious Fashion Designer

A Spirited Fishmonger

A Reverential Plumber

A Sarcastic Game Show Host

A Meticulous Chimney-sweep

An Uneasy Real Estate Agent

A Pugnacious Swineherd

A Ritualistic Shaman

An Inspired Police Officer

A Forgiving Spin Doctor

A Precise Artist

A Predatory Impersonator

An Empty Publisher

A Hesitant Tax Collector

A Quiet Mercenary

A Compulsive Sleuth

A Destructive Pickpocket

An Inconsiderate Janitor

A Hypnotic Composer

A Subtle Diver

A Cowardly Beekeeper

A Flexible Blacksmith

A Mistaken Security Guard

A Brutal Teacher

An Unrestrained Magician

A Mechanical Butler

A Helpful Nanny

A Cruel Tax Collector

An Erratic Archaeologist

A Thankful Scientist

A Crass Painter

A Monstrous Artist

A Messy Broker

A Businesslike Fashion Designer

A Hungry Personal Trainer

A Youthful Shepherd

A Frustrated Percussionist

A Stylish Sailor

A Popular Inventor

A Neglectful Swimmer

An Eloquent Lighthouse-keeper

A Hidebound Astronaut

A Panicked Janitor

A Delighted Poet

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